10 November 2005

Dateline: Pea Soup, 12.58 pm

So, tell me Suse, what's been happening lately?

Huh? Oh it's you again. Are you stalking me or something?

Nothing quite so sinister. I just thought I'd catch up again, see if anything fascinating has been happening in your life. You know, our last chat was so RIVETING an' all. Any more baked beans?

Ha bloody ha. Actually, if you'd read my blog, you'd know that I've been cooking.

I've also been finishing and handing in essays, madly keeping my house clean and doing odd decorative thingies like floating roses in glass bowls because that will surely add $10,000 to my house on auction day, doing my tax, and acting like a teenage girl.

Could you elaborate on the teenage girl business?

Celebrity crushes. I need to add Sean Kelly, but I suspect your readers, seeing they are American mostly, (you're from humble, right?) won't know who he is.

Uh huh. Anything else?

Yeah. I made a friend cry yesterday. In a good way, mind.
And today she made me cry.
But she's far far away.
On the other side of the world really.
Which sort of, sucks. You know?

Yep. I know.


blackbird said...

...but I am smiling now, I yam.
and you?
you are too sweet.
you are.

Anonymous said...

Sean Kelly from the Models??

Suse said...

Yep. From the Models. (Not the cyclist).

la vie en rose said...

that's always the best kind of cry