16 November 2005

a gift from a faraway friend

Yesterday, the best thing happened to me. The postman arrived, bearing gifts.
A great big parcel, postmarked Tuvalu!

Hands trembling, I opened it, and found ...

... these divine little trinkets. Soap, lavender clippings, beads, funny paper clips, and a little dangly Japanese thing which Son #3 hung on his schoolbag immediately.


There was more!


Wee fabric scraps from Denyse Schmidt, a length of French officers' braid, and a smooth little rock. The rock has joined my three little rocks from Far North Queensland in pride of place on top of our artwork cupboard (along with the telephone, notepad, and a vase of californian poppies).

And then I found this.


Little tiny clothespegs on a string. For holding Christmas cards? For displaying postcards, children's artwork, hmmm ...

But the best thing was wrapped up in a copy of The Tuvalu Times (which I pored over later, and was shocked at the price of real estate ...) (being in a real estate state of mind these days, and all). I unwrapped the soft bulky paper. To find ...


... the most beautiful, soft, warm black cardigan with enormous shell buttons and a big floppy collar and elegant neckline. Made from tiny black Tuvalan angora rabbits. (Shorn, not killed, silly).

Oh blackbird, I think I love you.

Thank you, my faraway friend.


blackbird said...

Am finding it odd and strangely comforting to see these things that are now with you.

Just a little while ago I pondered and wondered and assembled these treasures and sent them off into the wide world.

And here they are! With you!
And I can see them, with you.

It seems disjointed.
We know the destination, but usually don't SEE the destination.

I am so happy they pleased you.
I so wished they would.

kenju said...

Suse, thanks for the comment and answer to my question. The woman who lent the book to me said she was not able to get into it. After I finished it, I told her she might want to try again, since there are some very satisfying parts, if you can discount the cannabalism and violence. You are right that it is like no other book. The premise is odd indeed, and I wonder how Martel came up with that idea. When another book is published by Martel, I will definitely read it.

la vie en rose said...

what wonderful gifts! it's a good day...

Susie Sunshine said...

Aren't far away internet friends one of the most amazing side-effects the blogosphere?
I still can't believe how many wonderful people I've "met".

PS. Everything in the box was wonderful, but I'm drawn to the neat paperclips. So swirly and functional, yet decorative! Love it!