24 November 2005

the importance of women friends

The other day my good friend L and I took some time out, to improve our minds.

(As you do.)

I paused in my undergraduate studies and the fenging of the shui of my house (this was the day before the sale), while she took a break from her Masters studies and her high-powered consultancy business, (can you see how my friends make me feel inadequate sometimes?) and we set off for the Ian Potter Gallery at Fed. Square.

To see a Margaret Preston exhibition!

L knew all about this particular artist, while I knew nothing (being inadequate, and such) so she gave a running commentary and I slipped my arm through hers and gazed appreciatively at the beautiful paintings and lino cuts as we wandered around.

And we talked and laughed and soaked up each other’s presence, as women friends do. I also admired her shoes. Because we are sometimes shallow like that as well. Well, I am.

But we talked, among many other things, about the importance of having female friends in one’s life. Because the energy and nourishment you receive from other women is so different from that which comes from the menfolk in your life. A best friend can inspire you, mentor you, support you, challenge you and yet make you feel cherished and needed at the same time.

And we decided that life would be perfect if each woman could have her male partner (if she wanted to, that is, and we decided that yes we did) and also have her own special female partner for that emotional nurturing that women give each other. A cosy little threesome! Perfect!

One of the paintings we saw was titled ‘Thea Proctor’s Tea Party’. It was a vibrant, colourful painting of a vase of flowers and a table set for afternoon tea. L explained that Thea Proctor was another artist, and we imagined these two talented women, nearly one hundred years ago, talking and laughing and soaking up each other’s presence over tea and cake. (It was at this point we decided it was time for some lunch.)

Then we went downstairs to the gift shop and bought presents for the special women friends in our lives.

Thea Proctor's Tea Party


blackbird said...

oh lovely.
all of it.

kenju said...

Yes, a lovely painting and a very nice story to go with it.

dani said...

i love margaret preston's work - she was always so vibrant & her paintings look alive.

women and women friends rock! women definitely have a different energy to men and the empathy and nurturing from a true friend is a gift.

Gina E. said...

I would love to have that picture converted to an embroidery format. It would look stunning. It IS stunning as a painting, but being a stitcher I can see the possibilities...

BabelBabe said...

I love that painting.

I have often said that communal living would solve some of the support issues. Sure, there would be issues to work out, as in any living arrangement, but it could be beneficial to all.

SueeeuS said...

Ahhh, so very nice.

Juggling Mother said...

Hi, here from micheles

i know nothing about Margaret Preston either.

but then again, i know nothing about any art:-)

At least I can claim to have heard of her now!

Michele said...

Agreed. Life is more wonderful because of the friendships of women. I love that painting. I love this post.

shellyC said...

Totally agree about living with women friends!!!
Great Post!!

Miss Eagle said...

I haven't got there yet. Was at Fed Square last week for the rally & intended to go afterward - but over an hour rubbing shoulders with 200,000 people proved a bit exhausting so I just got on the train and came home. But I'll get there - and herself and I want to do the flowery one at the NGV International as well.

Blessings and bliss

Gina E. said...

200,000 people now?????????? That figure gets more inflated every time someone mentions it! I was at a friend's house the following day, and another woman said she went to the march and "everyone was there" to which I commented "I don't think so. 150,000 out of 4 millions Victorians ISN'T everyone."

Anonymous said...

Margaret preston's my yr.12 exam topic, so i can now say i do know a bit about her; she used to get called a hussy back in her day for sitting right infront of the nude model to get the best view, but clearly it paid off. she also wrote her age as 8 years younger on her marrage certificate so no one could know she was older than her husband...and once threw a piece of cake at some mole that was critisising her work. Just three things i found interesting in an otherwise tedious study period. anyway, my point is; she sounds like quite a character for her day... i reckon they're the best women friends around.

Anonymous said...

Ive got to agree that having women friends are very refreshing! women mentoring their friends and coworkers does relieve some of the built up stress and helps solve problems!!!