10 November 2005

it's just not cricket


Cricket training in the park after school.

That's Son #2 in the pads and helmet.

Every time he hit the ball, he yelled "Yes!" as he raced to the other wicket.
I could almost see the triumph in his eyes from across the park.

He loves it.


blackbird said...

and haven't you done well with photo placement?

now you must teach me!

la vie en rose said...


Bec of the Ladies Lounge said...

HI Suse. My only boy, gorgeous though he may be, is showing frightening tendencies towards cricket. We had a long discussion tonight (he's three, every bedtime involves a long discussion) about our Bananas in Pyjamas picture book with B1 and B2 in cricket pads: "what they for?" he wants to know. my sporting knowledge must increase quickly if I am not to continue to defer to his father (whose genes are entirely to blame!)
The really important question is, can one watch one's son play cricket while reading one's book? Because if the answer is no, he is SO signing up for rugby union...

Suse said...

Bec, cricket is THE perfect sport for reading to. Because it goes on for soooo long. Tonight both boys played ... the match began at 5.30pm, ended at 8pm, and will conclude next Friday night from 5.30pm - 8pm.

One can accomplish quite a bit of knitting and/or reading at cricket matches, I find.

Bec of the Ladies Lounge said...

Hi Suse (and in case you don't read this back at our place!)
It's the end of acronym season for me so I've had more like a whole bottle of wine (compared to your 2 glasses - call yourself Australian?) but as long as I can still spell I can still blog, right?
Thank you for clearing up the cricket concerns for me because I sat through a couple of games for the Prof, earlier in our courtship and had the feeling I was wasting my time paying attention to the game when I could have just been sucking back Steinlager and reading William Gibson. As I did, at that time.
These days it might be reisling and Family Circle, but the principle remains the same!
many thanks for the glimpse into my future as a cricket mum...

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