23 November 2005

op shop delights

My sewing machine has been packed away for a couple of months now, and I haven’t done much knitting either lately. So, no pictures of things I have made are currently available.

Instead, I will show you pictures of things I have purchased lately.
From the op shop.
I love it how you go in looking for, say, new trousers for Son #1 because he’s gone through the knees of every pair, and come out with

... vintage pillow cases ...


... a satchel in perfect nick. Just like the one I had when I was five years old. This one is now Son #3’s school bag ...


… and some gorgeous old books, complete with dustjackets.

old books

I also found two long black wool skirts, one Country Road one, and one with a fringe round the bottom! Very pleasing.


Susie Sunshine said...

What's an Op Shop? I want one.
(And that leather bag, I want that too.)

BabelBabe said...

i LOVE that bag. there is no way my children would get their hands in it!

i haven't had time to thrift lately - i totally have a jones to, now.

SueeeuS said...

I had a satchel like that too, a million and one years ago. What a fine find!

blackbird said...

and these things were had for a pittance I suppose?

you have
1. amazing op shop luck
2. fabulous taste

la vie en rose said...

great finds! i love the pic of the pillowcases and i would love to have a satchel like that. i'd use it for my purse.

Elizabeth said...

I am thoroughly enjoying your sunny summery pictures as we have our first big snow storm on the way tonight. Ugh. I'm sure it's more restful around your house now that you can mess it up a bit. I just found a great second hand book bag myself with nicely worn in leather.

telfair said...

That's a great looking satchel...my husband will be jealous. He's always looking for one like that. We should be checking out op shops on your side of the city!

Gina E. said...

Suse, I am wondering with our (yours and mine) extraordinary luck at opshops lately, if they actually save all these interesting and special items up until this time of the year? Sometimes there is absolutely nothing of any interest, then all of a sudden, they all have their best buys out on display! Yeah, that satchel sure brought back memories of my school days..