30 November 2005

the power of invisibility

Amazing how quickly one finds one’s own little corner of cyberspace, and one’s own particular, eclectic little community.

In the six short months that I have been blogging, I have made some amazing friends.
There are many fellow bloggers with whom I would like to …

Clack some knitting needles and share a cuppa
Sit under an archway and gaze at a beautiful lake
Go househunting and stroke their baby’s plump cheek
Gaze at the swans on the Thames, g & t and knitting in hand
Talk about our choice of children’s schooling
Cycle along the Embankment
Stroke their embroidery (I said embroidery)
Cuddle their newborn and hand a bag of frozen peas to
Share a pinot and a laugh.

But there’s one who’s different.

We met at the airport. And became firm friends, fast.
And gradually, something more.

We are smitten.

We have made each other laugh and spray coffee (her) and tea (me) over our keyboards.
We have made each other cry.

And to our husbands’ and our own vast amusement, we have declared ourselves to be

Platonic Internet Lesbian Lovers.

Yesterday, she came out!
And so, I too, must gingerly open the door.

She reckons if I hear her, it will be over.
The illusion shattered.

But I know that if she sees me, it will all be off.

Ah, the power of invisibility.


blackbird said...

and this is why we are so good together.

my looks and your voice!

so simple.

SueeeuS said...

You're silly. Seeing you wouldn't put anybody off, you tiny, Audrey Hepburnish exquisite thing, you. :)

Susie Sunshine said...

That's it. I have no choice but to blackmail the both of you with the incriminating photos I have in my possession.

My demands are simple: all your cute skirts. (Well, actually this is Act 1 of My Demands)

My word verification was bqnuqrpf. I found this oddly offensive. Act 2 of My Demands: NO WORD VERIFICATION

Kim said...

This coming out completely makes me forgive you for all the clean house-ness, slim/waif/svelte-ness/, all the CRAFT, all the goodness in childrearing by non-gimmicky clothing, Advent celebrations, lighting of candles, alternate schooling, thankfulness and inner peace. No really, the fact you typed the word lesbian on and in reference to yourself, this makes the rest far less intimidating and awe-inspiring.

No really.

Yazda all the way baby!

BabelBabe said...

yeah,, all that and true love too. you guys have it all. it's so sweet. mazel tov - or whatever....

dani said...


Elizabeth said...

It is very nice and surprising to make connections online. I now think it's easier to find like-minded people there than in your own neighbourhood. It's just as well for Blackbird and yourself, I think Gwenyth wasn't available.

kenju said...

Hey, I've got a few of those too, but I haven't told them yet!

netchick said...

Heheh! Awesome!

Thanks for coming by my site yesterday!

I too, have made and met some amazing friends through blogging over the past 8 years. I love my little community that stops by occasionally to see how I'm doing... They are all such amazing people with interesting lives!

Bec of the Ladies Lounge said...

Yadza. This certainly makes me think twice before calling my boss a complete PILL, again...