3 November 2005


Two posts in one day, I hear you gasp? Yep, I have paid work to do, so before I knuckle down to it, I must procrastinate a little longer.

So here for your amusement, is a tree that I pass every time I drive past the zoo. Which I do three times per week.


I am wondering how long it will take for the tree to get its P-plates.

And now, a little interactive stuff for my amusement. What are you wearing, as you read this post?

I'll begin.
Black mary-janes
Beige cropped pants
Brown sleeveless (ha! Jane!) Chinese style top with embroidery and chinese frog closures.


Barbara said...

Black, close toed shoes with one inch heels.
Pin-striped black pants.
Olive silk shell
Black blazer

Michelle sent me.

Miss Eagle said...

Are you girls for real? I'm sitting here in a very large (down to my knees) green and gold tee shirt with the opera house outlined on white on it. Very Ozzie, Ozzie, Ozzie, Oy, Oy, Oy!


jess said...

Black cardigan, blue linen button-up shirt, long khaki skirt, pink & white striped knee socks, black Dansko clogs.

Alice said...

Oh dear, you would ask today, wouldn't you? I'm wearing white sneakers, navy knee length pants ('coz it's hot) and a mauve blouse with white stripes. See, just as mismatched and daggy as usual.

Loretta said...

Black Diana Ferrari thongs (no nail polish), black polo-ish type top, red knee-length skirt with gold embroidery, showing fish-white legs.

Kim said...

blue t-shirt - doing nothing for the just-had-a-baby-jelly-belly - beige Bonds Cargo pants as nothing fits. NOTHING.

It's all because of the baking!

Suse - I see your Orange Pudding and raise you one:

Jane said...

Brown LONG-SLEEVED V-neck jumper. Jeans. Flat brown shoes. Socks. Beaded necklace.

Looks like camouflage in the muddy garden. The hens are pretending they can't see me.

wren said...

Big snugly dressing gown - been up a while but just coming round with the help of copious amounts of green tea. 8.38 am uk time

mar said...

Black cotton pants, palm green 3/4-sleeves cotton shirt, and my glasses, so I can read your blog!Thanks for stopping by.

Bec of the Ladies Lounge said...

Right now? Bare feet, long denim wrap skirt, white sleeveless v-neck top... and chipped nailpolish.
Michele sent me just now but have been reading your comments our way and wishing you well (silently) with the auction etc.
So funny to be following Kim around the web tonight - proes we're not joined at the hip (or does it?)

Jan said...

Pajamas, flip-flops and a shawl over my shoulders, sipping my coffee and waiting for the house to warm up a bit this morning. (7:30 a.m.)

blackbird said...

walking clothes...yawn.

black yoga style pants
white long sleeved tee, black short sleeved tee over it --
polar fleece hoodie
black and blue Nike Presto ID's

Gina E. said...

Half an hour after midnight..still in the clothes I put on at 8 am this morning...blue pants, white teeshirt, bare feet. Well, I did actually put sandals on to go out, but kicked them off as soon as I walked back into the house!

Kitty said...

Er, slippers, hiking socks, thermal vest, t-shirt, ancient jeans and a very thick jumper.

I'm just taking a quick break from painting the back bedroom. :D

Kat said...

Shearling slippers, green floral pajamas, and a white waffle-weave robe.

susanne said...

Birkenstock sandals with thick wollen socks.
Purple Thai Fisherman's trousers.
Green Henley top.
With long underwear underneath.......!

Brrrr. it's cold and raining in Wales.

la vie en rose said...

brown broom stick skirt, cream colored blouse with a funky texture that i love, cream slip on shoes with lots of beads and sparkles, and my favorite chandelier earrings

Jeanne said...

Sounds like a naughty phone call -- "what are you wearing?!" -- although I only ever get them from my husband. Palest pink cotton shirt from very-unnaughty Eddie Bauer, with the sleeves rolled up because the weather can't decide if it's autumn or summer -- jeans -- black Ecco shoes.

BabelBabe said...

adidas running shoes (my "nice" ones) - LLBean jeans that used to be my brother's - purple long-sleeved zipfront nursing-friendly hoodie

yaya said...

Jeans with torn bottoms (I never hem!), a 13 year old Stussy windcheater, my b&w converse and my Mothers jewellery. Very mismatched!!!

Rachael said...

I've been lurking for a while, but hey, now a comment!
I'm wearing, jeans, white v-neck t-shirt, watch, no shoes and painted toes (frosted cranberry I think it's called?). Also glove marks/indents on my arms still from work as i just got home (theatre RN, scrub gloves!)so no rings or anything (my hands feel naked!)

Dak-Ind said...

big fuzzy blue slippers, Pink Panther pj bottoms, and the obligatory Oregon Duck football oversize t-shirt. This IS the sleepwear of a stressed out mom, whose husband works night. noone to impress.

la vie en rose said...

hehe..."broomstick skirt" may be a texas term, i don't know...any way, here's an example


Zachary said...

ahh still in the pink plaid pajama pants white hurley t-shirt no shoes but freshly painted toe nails! at 11 in the morning. Zachs a morning baby!