8 November 2005

self portrait tuesday: exploration of identity

I haven't participated in self portrait tuesday for a couple of weeks, but I have an essay due in 25 hours and 40 minutes so it's time to bake a cake (date and walnut 'Five Cup Cake'), play with the ping on people's email, and mess around with the camera.

The dream ...
write dream

... and the reality.
write reality

Most of the paid jobs I have held have involved writing. But not quite the kind of writing I dream about.

I have written ads for a winery, copy for K mart catalogues ("nice and cheap!"), window blinds, skin care products and radio ads for soap operas.

I have produced reports, newsletters, articles, and done the desktop publishing for a small feminist literary magazine.

Currently, I write essays for my degree, nonsense for a blog, and minutes from meetings to earn a buck or three.

I dream that one day, I will write like Mr Bryson.

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stephanie said...

Another Bryson fan. Have you read In a Sunburned Country? I always wondered what Australians thought of that book. Good luck in your studies!

la vie en rose said...

i dream of writing too, only i'm not sure what...in the meantime i blog

shellyC said...

Good Luck with your essay!!! You too will soon be enjoying the RELIEF of the end of semester!!!!

jorth said...

Oh, know the feeling! I used to be a technical writer, producing help that was never read for programs only used by my old company's IT staff. "From the File menu, select Print. A box will appear..."

Don't worry - I'm sure one day your name will be on a bestseller!

Gina E. said...

You already have a way with words Suse, that I would cheerfully pay for to read in a book! The only Bryson book I have read is his one on Oz, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I'd like to read the others one day when I get some time!

Gina said...

I used to freelance, and had a gig as a technical writer for Ford when I lived in Detroit. My GOD, the boredom! All those stupid parts numbers made me want to kill myself.

I also made good money writing the weekly bulletin for a rich church in suburban Detroit. Money *and* church lady gossip! :-)

BabelBabe said...

i used to be a tech writer - my best project, mri software, was actually fun but i am a software geek at heart. but god, the hotel housecleaning manuals - YAWN.

and i have never been quite comfortable touching the surfaces in any hotel room since.

i just discovered bryson last year and now have my husband hooked too.

SueeeuS said...

You never cease to amaze... Those sound like fine accomplishments to me. :)

Elizabeth said...

I'm a Byrson fan, too. I tried once to get my friend and neighbour to read him, her husband bears an uncanny resemblance to him in both sarcastic wit and looks. She declined and said she gets enough of that at home.

Wendy said...

Bill Bryson and David Sedaris are the two authors who can make me laugh out loud while reading...and once more later when I think about it again (that's when my family thinks I've totally lost it with random giggles).

Hope the writing flows smoothly and effortlessly!