5 November 2005

seven things

Seven things I plan to do before I die:
live on top of a hill in a mudbrick house
visit Venice again, this time with my husband
see my three children become healthy, happy and settled adults
find a job I love
finish my degree
stop worrying about money
stop procrastinating

Seven things I can do:
produce beautiful boy children
make a garden
make a house look nice on a wee budget
cook risotto

Seven things I cannot do:
listen to conversations about blood/operations/wounds without my knees going funny
donate blood (see above)
produce girl children
make a waldorf doll
do maths without a pen or calculator (if forced to do so, I have to write in the air with my finger)
grow rhubarb

Seven things I find attractive in others:
a smiley face
them finding something attractive in me
unusual yet stylish taste in clothes
a gentle voice
good manners

Seven things I say most often:
Use your words
Thank you
Out of the kitchen (to the dog)
Did you have a happy day?
Wash your hands and sit at the table NOW please
Hello gorgeous boy
I love you

Seven celebrity crushes:
John Hannah (lives in Scotland, which is too damp and far away, so it's not going to happen)
David Hyde-Pierce (gay? so probably also not going to happen)
Keanu Reeves (too moody, but I could help him to be happier)
Cate Blanchett (dream on Suse. You and she are both married. And straight.)
Robert Benigni (he is a good hegg. And so funny. In that Italian way. But lives too far away, so again, not gonna happen)
Gwyneth Paltrow (see Cate)
John Hargreaves (gay AND dead, so that's really not gonna happen)

Oh, and I'm going to add Sam Neill. Divine.


BabelBabe said...

mmm. sam neill. yum.

keanu reeves is gorgeous but then he opens his mouth...

and i am sooo with you on cate blanchett. for some reason the fact that she's apparently happily married to a short, balding guy makes her even more attractive. why is that?

blackbird said...

oh me oh my-oh.

let's see...

oh the money business, yes...
I too have the knack for the boy children.
risotto! yum.
can't give blood -- just cannot.
am v v good at the waldorf dolls, have made 4 or 5!
...have a nasty voice (making sad face)
I always say - tell me who you had lunch with!
would arm wrestle you for Gwyneth or Cate.
would like to say to Keanu - OH JUST LIGHTEN UP!

good night.

Flourish & Blotts said...

Groovy list! Have you got the hill picked out for your mudhouse? -Flourish

BabelBabe said...

i can't give blood either but only because my dear husband - with whom i have, er, um, had carnal relations, lived in Africa during the eighties. so i am banned FOR LIFE from giving blood or being a bone marrow donor.

Elizabeth said...

Your first seven things are pretty much mine as well. We tried your Orange Pudding dessert last night. No orange juice so mango nectar was substituted and a little less sugar and it was a great success. Thanks for the recipe.

la vie en rose said...

hehe...love it

dani said...

love love your lists!

and yes you CAN WRITE!

and recently someone with the photo id of keanu commented at my site. i'm secretly hoping it really is keanu and we can start something funky.

telfair said...

I'd arm wrestle you AND Blackbird for Gwyneth or Cate! John Hannah too!

SueeeuS said...

I like that 'I love you' is one of the 7 things you say most. That is a beautiful thing.

yaya said...

Johnny Deep & Orlando Bllom (child snatcher I am!) and Rupert Everett (gay but oh so gorgeous). I can't believe you said John Hannah - I have loved him for years- can watch 'Sliding Doors' over and over just to hear his scrummy voice. Met a woman recently, through my work, who used to live in his neighbourhood and knows his family quite well...maybe a trip to Glasgow is soon to be on my cards! Hee!