11 November 2005

Show and Tell Friday: favourite cup

So. Show and Tell for today is your favourite mug or cup.

I'm in my element here.
I drink tea all day long, and I am very fussy about what I drink it out of. I dislike, intensely, chunky china or pottery mugs.

I suffered the horrible mugs in the kitchen at work for a few weeks before deciding I would bring my own. I searched high and low, then found the perfect cup. Bone china, with pink roses.

My work mug. Brought home every now and then for a run through the dishwasher and photographic assignments.

cup pink

My second favourite. A proper cup and saucer. Royal Doulton. It was bought by my mum, for my nana, when she was dying in hospital, as she detested the thick hospital china. She died when I was 6 weeks old, and Mum gave her cup to me a couple of years ago when she heard that I had the same predilection for thin, translucent crockery. I love it.

cup nana

Next in line. Op shop cup and saucer purchased a few months ago. Looks pretty but doesn't hold enough. Also the tea goes cold too quickly. Pretty though.

cup green

And finally, Mr Soup's favourite mug. Decorated by Son #3 for Fathers' Day last year. Featuring an angel, flying past the sun.

cup child


telfair said...

Ah, lovely!
My favorite mug is handmade dark pottery...it holds just enough so that my coffee or tea doesn't get cold before I get to the bottom. My brother got it for me for Christmas one year which is probably why I like it so much!

irene said...

soooo lovely!

Jane said...

I'm with you on drinking tea from thin bone china - makes it so much hotter and nicer. I used to think my Mum was just fussy about her china tea cups and now I've turned into her. The only difference is that I prefer mugs to cups - the tea cools down too quickly in cups and I can never be bothered to make a pot just for myself.

Alice said...

I've always thought tea tastes better out of a fine china cup and coffee is better out of a thick mug. I think of tea as being a 'thin' drink and coffee as a 'thick' drink, therefore they need the appropriate vessels to drink from. Actually, I mostly use clear glass mugs for tea now as it saves having to use a saucer.

I'm very fussy about tea, too. I like it fairly strong with only a little milk which MUST be added last. It's only in the last few years that I've started using tea bags, although we still make a pot of tea now and again using leaf tea. Some years ago a 16 year-old friend of my daughter saw me making a pot of tea. She said to Sara "What's you mother doing?" She had never seen anyone make tea with anything other than a teabag.

Which reminds me, it must be that time again ... cuppa time.

Kim said...

The first thing that comes to mind here is Suse, you are such a girl.

The second was that the first one is my favourite.

blackbird said...

am beginning to think you ARE such a girl.
and this mug/cup business is the first time we have differed.
I must have something heavy -- I feel all dangly with something thin...and the cup gets too hot.

I so love that you inherited this from your grandmother.

Kitty Jimjams said...

I recognise that Royal Doulton pattern! It was the dinner service my mum kept for best, and it was only used on Christmas day for years and years. I don't know what happened to it after she moved to her little flat.

I think I should phone her tonight and find out!

BabelBabe said...

i'm with bb - i need HEFT in my cups.

my brother's in-laws are amazing in every single way including all things culinary - organic or homegrown, and all delicious, food, really good recipes, etc. we eat like kings there.
i was therefore shocked and dismayed - shocked and dismayed, i tell you - when i found out they microwave their water for tea.

la vie en rose said...

i love them all. i've collected teacups for years so i love seeing other peoples collections/favorites.

Elizabeth said...

I make pottery ( but not heavy stoneware - more delicate porcelain, remind me never to send you any!) so I have a few favourites that I have made myself. I spent a lot of time figuring out what makes a good mug, the placement of the handle, the lip/rim, the balance etc. and I think I've got it down. I also have my grandmother's collection of tea cups and saucers but I don't use them everyday; they don't hold enough tea. Btw, I love Earl Grey, but its got to be Twinings!

SueeeuS said...

Yes, a girl after my own heart, you are. Of COURSE you would find a rose toilescent mug (I don't know the actual definition of toile, but it has that flair, does it not?). Of course *YOU* would find such a gem! I have to agree, that one is nigh unto perfect. The shape especially pleases me. The fine bone china as well. Ahhhh. I would only want a little different handle, and it would be perfect! Perfect!

SueeeuS said...

...except, being the snob that I am, if the pattern is one of those photo patterns where you see the dots if you look close... ...then it moves down several notches...

(had to say it)

I also love the sentimentality in the ones the children paint.

And Alice! Another woman after my own heart. I am delighted in her flavor of fussiness!

jak said...

I love your at "work cup"-that would please me all day long- as of course I'm known to drink my coffee all day long-love the set handed down from your Nana-that is really speical-all are very lovely infact...

but the winner here is- the hand painted masterpiece done by your son...that ROCKS!-have a nice weekend Suse

Claudia said...

Yep, cups are so important to make you feel at home. In the office, I adopted a quite simple mug with the name "Ursula" on it. That's not my name, but I like the mug anyway (don't know where that one came from; in fact, no "Ursula" has ever worked here...)
At home, I have some half-litre mugs for a good long break of wonderful jasemine tea.

Jennifer said...

Those are lovely mugs :)