19 November 2005

Show and Tell: red

My Show and Tell is a day late.

(Keep scrolling down and you’ll see why I waited …)

When I saw the request this week was for something red, I was dismayed.
I have no red clothes, I thought (I’m so shallow). I have no red in my house, in my life.

Then I looked down.


I looked around me.


I ventured out into the garden …


I walked the dog up to the park …


Pasta sauce for dinner! (Getting bored yet?)


The next day I woke up.
Saturday: an important day chez Soup. There was a big red flag outside our house.


A real estate mag landed with a thud on the doorstep. Actually, a whole box of them! Ready to hand out to the crowds.


An hour later, there had been a few chewed nails, much held breath and one or two tears,


… but it was over.

Oh, the sweet relief!


christina said...

I loved this series. And just this morning, I was thinking... I have no red clothes. I think I may have to go looking for red tomorrow. You've inspired me.

Oh, and the mosaics aren't really that amazing. I do them with Picasa. :) But I love that you think they're amazing, of course! *grin*

blackbird said...

well done!

I am happy...and sad,
and happy!

for you and your soups.

Jane said...

Fantastic - that's great news. Now you can get on with producing a whole series of beautiful, colour co-ordinated photographs - one for each colour in an artist's paintbox would be great.

yaya said...

Congratulations from freezing England!

Jan said...

Could there have been a more appropriate color chosen for you this week after all? Lovely post.
It is always bittersweet to sell a house, no matter the circumstances.

BabelBabe said...

love the shoes (i believe I own the same pair - red is the new black : )). Congrats on selling the house.

Alice said...

Glad the house sale went through and you are happy. Have you already bought somewhere else?

Elizabeth said...

Congratulations on selling your house. We are going to sell ours this year, although our real estate protocol is very different from yours, no auctioning involved. Your dream house is next, right?

Kim said...

OH MY GOD - congratulations! Isn't ending a life chapter weird - a bizarre fluid mixture of relief, excitement, saddness and curiosity about where the road will lead next.

From the woman with frozen peas stuffed down her shirt - well done. Oh, and I want your shoes. I LOVE those shoes, their shape, their colour - but can never find anything like them anywhere.

la vie en rose said...

love it! especially those red shoes!

Kali said...

Big congratulations on the sale of your house...what an emotional time for you, but at least now it's done...happy journeys and heaps of best wishes on this new chapter.
BTW ~ snazzy photos (i've told you before that I love red shoes), and well put together :)