17 November 2005

Snippets on a Thursday

Scene: The Soup Bedroom, 7.05 am

Mr Soup is sitting up meditating, as you do at the crack of dawn if that sort of thing takes your fancy.
I open my eyes.
And spy a rainbow on the wall as the sun shines through the glass vase full of pink lilies on the chest of drawers nearby.
I whisper "There’s a rainbow in our bedroom. It must be a good omen."


Scene: The Soup Kitchen (ahahahaha), 7.20 am.

I am packing school lunches and the boys, who get up far too early for my liking so have to entertain themselves, are drawing and tracing knights from a book.
Mr Soup descends the stairs, fresh from his meditation. He kisses me good morning and a stray bristle stabs my upper lip.
I jump back, rubbing my lip. "Ow!"
Mr Soup: Did I zap you?
Me: No, you prickled me.
Mr Soup: That’s what happens when you kiss a man, baby.
Me: Well, I’ll just kiss little boys then. (Turning and kissing Son #1’s childish, soft, bristle-free lips).
Son #1: (Kissing me back, tenderly). You have a pimple, Mummy. Right there. (Gently touches my chin).
Me: Thanks for pointing that out, child.
Mr Soup: (smirking) That’s what happens when you mess with little boys, my sweet. Karma.


In other news,

I have been considering compiling one of those 100 Things About Me lists.
It seems kind of narcissistic, but I do so love reading other peoples’.
But I need help. Where do I put it?, bearing in mind that I am technically dyslexic and do not have one of those tech-whizz husbands to help with the fiddly bits. (Can you tell I didn’t meet my husband on the internet? Mr Soup’s view of the internet is gleaned from the media and so he believes it is populated solely by child molesters, serial rapists, white slave traders and wizards called Merlin. Oh yeah, and me).

So, do I just post it as a normal daily post and then put a link to it on my sidebar, or what? Help me, ALL of you, please. If hardly anyone responds I will assume you don’t want to hear another hundred crappy details about me and my predilection for roses and red shoes, or learn more about the minutiae of my suburban housewife life in the southern hemisphere.

And I'll just go hang my washing out and sulk.


Bec of the Ladies Lounge said...

Hi Suse. I've been thinking the same thing and even started writing a 100 things list at work one day (yes, while pretending to be high-powered media guru) only to face shocking humiliation as... later the same day my computer crashed in the middle of an important document and all the Helpdesk jock could see to recover from myhard drive was "1. Born in Alice Springs. 2. My earliest memory is looking at calomin-lotion covered legs: I have mosquito-nectar blood."

As for your request for advice, I'm a trog too but I'd be thinking just write it as a post and save it to your sidebar. I'll look forward to reading it when you get there. Maybe I'll even get past number two on my list - as long as I don't try to do it at work!

Kim said...

hey Suse - I can't believe the one comment before me is from Bec (well I can actually) and ditto to all above - want to do it, don't know how to load it so its a nice little click button on our template.

Bec - am LOVIN' that our one great fear about the tech gurus at work spying on us sort of came true for you. Love that.

Suse - back to an earlier post which I couldn't respond to because, well, it involved receiving gifts but not for me :( - but that cardi, from Blackbird, is STUNNING.

Kim said...

and Bec, I had no idea you were born in Alice Springs. The most violent town in Australia. I'm just glad it wasn't Adelaide or anywhere in South Australia, as that entire state just irritates me.

Suse said...

Talk amongst yourselves.

No really, don't mind me.

Suse said...

Oh and Kim, the cardigan is truly divine. I love Tuvalan rabbit fur.

And even though it is a glorious 27 degrees here today, I am wearing it. I resemble a bright pink sweaty, fluffy blonde and black pig, but I am wearing it.


blackbird said...

to show you how smart I am (apart from sending a sweater to someone enjoying summer) I will just say that my 100 things (and Youngest's 100 things) are buried in my archives and I don't even know how to put them in my sidebar.
link? I guess...

Tuvalan rabbits are wee small animals that live under tables and chairs and eat tiny tiny crackers. And cheese.

Gosh, my word verification word is jfkdbrbu - I think.

Zachary said...

i would do just that post it as a daily blog and tehn link it to your sidebar. Ill enjoy reading it once you have it up

BabelBabe said...

ok, i am a tech geek. so go on and write your list, suse, because inquiring minds want to know. then figure out where you want to put it or how you want it linked or whatever, and i'll figure out how to do it if you like. it's one of the very few things i am actually ok at - that and yelling at my kids and neglecting the cat...

yeah, the word verifs get inreasingly odd. sometimes i GET IT WRONG. how humiliating.

Jane said...

I'd love to hear more about roses and red shoes and Mr & Mrs Soup and the Souplets. I'm as technically gifted as you so can't add any useful advice - sorry.

Kim said...

Wow Blackbird, by the sounds of it, in Australia we'd call those Tuvalan rabbits rats. Suse - how's that rat-fur cardi working for you now?

I knew you wouldn't mind my side discussion with Bec - we may blog together but its so difficult to catch up, we just do it anywhere.

My word verification has way too many consonants and no vowels - maybe it's a sign...

madness rivera said...

Mr. Soup? hhahahahaha.

Yes, just write. Link later.
100 is EXHAUSTING. I could only do 10. Maybe 10 at a time.

la vie en rose said...

first, i love the snippets from your day...so sweet. second, sure post 'em. and then sidebar 'em too so they'll be easy to access by new readers.

kenju said...

I started writing that list (never finished) and I had no idea how to put it in the sidebar, so I just posted it as a daily post.

Barb said...

I didin't know either, so I made mine its own blog page. It works. Your husband sounds insanely sexy :)

SueeeuS said...

I love how much love there is in your household.

Can't wait to read your 100 things list. I'm all about narcissism. Was planning to post on it one of these days.

You can make it a normal post, then grab the url by clicking on it's link in your recent posts sidebar. In your template, copy a link's html from somewhere in your sidebar, and paste it where you want it, then replace the url part with the new url. Did that make sense?

Suse said...

Thank you, all of you.

And Sueeeus, thanks - that's exactly what I thought I should do, but wondered if there were any niftier way to do it.

I shall begin work straight away.

Rachael said...

You've porbably already decided what your going to do, but I began a new blog, and closed off the comemnts etc and then posted the entire blog as a link in my sidebar, I didn't know what else to do, and didn't know how to do the permalink thingies...Anyway, I updated it with my Secret Pal 6 stuff.

Bec, I love the mosquito-nectar blood thing, me too!!