14 December 2005

another random post

Random stuff

• It feels so good to get two inches chopped off my hair
• Packing sucks
• So does moving house
• Why are they bothering to make Mentos in grape flavour? They don’t taste remotely like any grape I have ever ingested. Stick to the spearmint and peppermint, Mentos people.
• The queues at the post office are getting very long
• I am enjoying Creature Comforts. I think Nick Park must be the most brilliant man currently on the planet (after Paul Kelly and Elvis Costello, that is)
• My new keyboard inserts the letter ‘l’ at the end of every sentencel. Annoyingl.
• My children have invented an imaginary friend called Jake. He can be relied upon to take the blame for all sorts of things. Late at night when they should all be asleep, I can hear whispers and giggles as they recount Jake’s latest exploits to each other.
• Children come home from school camp dirty, bruised and exhausted, but very very happy. Despite bursting into tears when the bus departs, leaving a mother with the final image of a teacher consoling a weeping child, burnt into her retina for three long days.

• Extract from Son #1’s latest assignment, which was to create three scenes from a play about an ancient Greek myth. (He chose Jason and the Argonauts):

Jason: Pelias, now that you are old, I think I should take your place as king, seeing I am rightful king after you murdered my father.
Pelias: (thinks for a moment). You are right. Okay.

Later ...

Jason: Hey Orpheus, would you and your lyre like to be argonauts?
Orpheus: Yeah, okay.

(They walk around the village square and at the end they have a whole crew).



SueeeuS said...

Your children are brilliant. :)

Mentos... ummm, they're kind of gross, in a weird, chewy way. As mints, they're barely tolerable. Grape? That sounds downright icky.

I like those curiously strong Altoids myself.

telfair said...

Yes!! My husband & I are loving "Creature Comforts", too...we sit there and giggle through the whole show.
My favorites are the rats, my husband loves those bulldog friends with the spiky collars.

Jane said...

Your son is obviously going to be a scriptwriter for Nick Park one day.

We love Creature Comforts and now hear potential in every TV news interview with Joe Public - and then we try to decide what animal they would be.

I do everything I can to avoid the Post Office at the moment - even though I have stuff to send. Ridiculous, really.

Bec of the Ladies Lounge said...

A) Yes, major Creature Comfort love from Sydney too. Am especially fond of the old-married-couple dog and cat on the lounge.
B)Currently watching Brad Pitt's arse - oops - portrayal of Achilles in the movie Troy for only the third or fourth time. Thinking your son has a great future in film ahead of him as long as he remembers the gratuitous nudity...

Elizabeth said...

I take it you don't care for the mixed fruit pack of Mentos either? We dig those.( no grape included)

BabelBabe said...

YUCK! Grape Mentos are wrong, wrong, wrong.

Word verif agrees: euzmo!

shellyC said...

That grape flavour thing....I know the flavour (though haven't tried the Mentos yet) and have to say i love it if it is the same as bubblegum from years ago and my favourite is the grape flavour American Jelly Beans (which I requested $10 worth be brought back from the US recenctly) Yes for years I thought it was a fake flavour.....however while living in Switzerland they sold American Grapes...dark and round and THAT flavour!!! Gorgeous!!!
Well how excited was I when having only been in this house for a little while and my father-in-law was doing his amazing clean up of our garden and found a very sad grape plant under some rubble...he tied it to the fence, we watered it and it grew and produced....those AMAZING grapes!!!

Surfing Free said...

Creature Comforts are wonderful. I have both series on DVD and I laugh long and hearty when I watch them ... although my American husband is not so sure of the humour. Nevermind, birds with domestic issues will always be funny to me :D

la vie en rose said...

grape mentos? what?

your son...the future oscar winner for best screenplay...