18 December 2005

Fourth Sunday of Advent

advent table week3a

advent candles #3

Tonight we will light the fourth candle and give thanks for the kingdom of mankind.

And say the verse ...

The fourth light of Advent,
It is the light of man.
The light of love, the light of thought,
To give and understand.

The Advent Fairy will bring a shepherd some time tonight, and later in the week Joseph and Mary will appear, and gradually make their way to the stable.

Someone asked whether I made these advent verses up. I did reply in the comments but I’m aware that it is unlikely that person will visit the comments section twice, so will answer again here.

Our advent tradition is Waldorf/Steiner inspired, with one or two touches that we have adapted for our family. The verses were found on a website several years ago, which now seems to have disappeared. It was called QuolKids (Quality of Life for Kids) and one of the two women who maintained the site was a Steiner teacher.

We have found that celebrating advent this way has helped to counteract the overwhelming materialist, consumerist nature of Christmas in our modern society, helping our children (and us!) remember the spiritual nature of this season. I also like the way it honours nature and the universe.


Sharon said...

I have almost been as eager as your children - I have really appreciated this version on advent and I hope to adopt it for next year... It is so peacful and carries Grace...

blackbird said...

happy fourth sunday to all the soups -- from your friends in Tuvalu.

SueeeuS said...

I also especially like your paper angels. They're very sweet.

Anonymous said...

That's excellent. It's wonderful that you're teaching this to your children.


Ann Collins said...

So lovely! I have really enjoyed watching the progression as the display slowly grows over the four weeks of Advent. If you keep a Seasons Table (Nature Table) throughout the year, will you share some photos of that as well?
My family is inspired in some small ways by the Waldorf philosophy of education, and we incorporate a lot of art into our homeschool work because of this.
We have a woolen angel that carries baby Jesus slowly down to his little bed. There is a photo on my blog if you scroll down a couple entries.
Peace and Light for your path!

BabelBabe said...

i like your lovely verses, suse, and your table, and you have inspired me to do something for advent next year - primo has been asking about a standard advent calendar anyway...in our church (episcopal) they light candles and recite verses each week, but not these verses. similar in spirit though...

Anonymous said...

Could you please post the rest of the verses for the lighting of the candles? How do you make your paper angels? All very lovely, thanks.

Suse said...

Hi Anonymous - thanks for visiting and reading a post a year old.

As it's now advent 2006, if you visit my blog each Sunday starting tonight and continuing each Sunday until Christmas, you'll find all the verses, as I intend to post them again.