20 December 2005

I'm it

A little bird tagged me, last week.
I am finally getting around to answering.

She wants my five weird habits, bearing in mind that habits are different from quirks.

Here goes ...

• I run my fingers through my hair obsessively, more and more, harder and harder, until I’m pulling it and I realise my scalp is hurting and it’s time to stop. Why? I have no idea. I think it’s a nervy thing.

• This one is for my American sister D (hey, have just realised D, is that you who made the anonymous "D" comments on my advent posts?!!) ... when eating Doritos, I check both sides of the corn chip to see which has the most cheese flavouring, then eat the chip that side down, so the more highly flavoured side meets my tongue. And every single time I do it, I think of you, D. And smile to myself. Recently I spotted Son #2 doing it.

• I never walk on the cracks, ever. The crocodiles might get me.

• Ditto hanging any limb over the side of the bed. Never ever.
I can work myself up into quite a panic in the wee small hours over this.
(Yes, I am 41 years of age. Pathetic, isn't it?)

• I am strangely addicted to this machine called an iMac, and all the things it allows me to do, experience, read, write, laugh at, commune with, and cry over.

I'm not tagging anyone at this crazy time of year, and I feel awkward tagging people anyway, but if anyone wishes to do this meme, leave me a note in the comments so I can come read your answers.


Barb said...

Oh man, I do that limb over the bed thing too. For a long time I also had to have the covers over my mouth, but that seems to have gone away. But feet must be covered. Definitely.

yaya said...

Hi Suse - yes, I'm back - I have been reading your entries every day and hope you don't mind me taking a little bit of inspiration from your advent celebrations. Hopefully I will be back into blogging again soon.

blackbird said...



That bit with the hair may leave you bald, but have no fear! I like bald people.

madness rivera said...

What if you have quirky habits?
I love these kinds of lists. Wish it was longer!

la vie en rose said...

hehe...well and all these years i thought if i stepped on a crack i would break my mother's back but it was really that crocodiles would get me.

BabelBabe said...

see, now, i MUST HAVE one foot sticking out from under the covers.

mmmm, doritos....

Jeanne said...

I still find myself jumping into bed from the doorway, so that the monsters won't get me. How monsters could possibly squeeze under my bed with all of that yarn stashed there, I don't know, but there you have it.

Sherry said...

I sort of do the hair thing, only I actually pull strands out. Apparently it's an impulse control disorder called trichotillomania. It happens when I'm stressed. And it's not serious enough that I'm bald.

Also I do the Doritos thing. Sometimes I pour them all out of the bag and I sort them out so that the most orange-y ones are eaten last.