16 December 2005


Son #2’s class play was last week.

I managed to recycle last year’s costume, which was a sort of robe-type thing made out of an old white sheet with a woollen belt round his middle. He was The Little Sage on the Mountain in that play, which incidentally, filled him with anxiety when he first was allotted his role.

Oh Mummy, I’m playing a herb!

I made him a garland of sage leaves to go with the costume that year.
A witty touch, I thought.
And it looked cherubic, uh I mean ... wise and sage-like, with his long blonde hair.

Anyway this year’s play was a biblical story.
The story of Moses.
Son #2 played Aaron, Moses’ brother.
He got to bang a stick on the floor and shout Let my people go!
Seven times.

He also played his violin, quite beautifully, in the scene where the Pharoah of Egypt ponders the Israelites’ future.

I managed to re-use the sage costume by dipping it in tea until it turned a pleasing shade of beige, and sewing him a cloak from an old chenille bedspread.

He will use the cloak this summer as a pool and beach robe too.

Cos it’s fun to embarrass one’s small children sometimes.

cloak front

cloak close

cloak back


jorth said...

Ahhh... recycling at it's best!

SueeeuS said...

fYou are very enterprising.

I failed the first word verification.

Kim said...

I'm such a bad, neglectful parent. You soaked it in tea. Really?

blackbird said...

see, I knew I would love it from the moment I heard about it...and that seems so long ago now.
and when he is done with it as a robe for the beach it could be a big fat pillow for his bed!

I am about to fail this word verification...

Wren said...


BabelBabe said...

will you make me one? it's CUTE!

la vie en rose said...

hehe...hey, but I'd take a nice robe that looked like that...only in my size please.

Suse said...

Kim, I thought I was being the bad neglectful parent cos I didn't sew him a whole new costume,but just recycled last year's. Yes, tea-dyeing. V.effective.

BabelBabe and Vie en Rose, I will happily make you one or more each, if you like. Send me your email addresses.

christina said...

That is one impressive costume! It's so fun remembering all the little day to day things of being a waldorf kid. I loved doing plays every year.I'm so excited to read more about your move (pictures, please?) Packing is the worst, and moving is to. But when you're there, it will be wonderful!