23 December 2005

Show and Tell Friday: Your coat.

Just sneaking in under the wire at 11.50 pm.

I cannot believe I’m showing my coats on a day of Total Fire Ban.
It’s incredibly hot and windy today, with a forecast of 36 celsius or something hideous.

Hence, my coats are displayed hanging on a hook, not on my bod.

coat plum blur

This is now several years old.

I had stopped work to have babies, and needed a coat that could be casual or faintly dressy, for wearing when pushing the pram to the shops (in the days several years ago when I did push a pram around), but capable of scrubbing up when necessary. It has a pleasing hood, and nice blanket stitching around the hem. The downside? It slides off my shoulders as the hood is rather heavy. So, not quite as comfortable as it should be.

coat snot green

This one was an op shop find this year.
It’s vintage, complete with groovy label (Renny of Melbourne it says), and is a wool and mohair blend. I adore it.

One must be very careful what one teams with it however, as the snot green colour tends to wash one out. I have found it works best when wearing it with black skirt/pants, black tights, black boots and black top. I added the $2 black fabric flower for a touch of sophistication. Ha. And because I like black.

Someone at work christened it my dead yak coat.
And the name has stuck.

Show and Tell brought to you by Say La Vee.


blackbird said...

I very much like the blanket stitch on the top coat. Love blanket stitch on anything...
but the dead yak?
adore it.

BabelBabe said...

yeah, me too. it's great.

--erica said...

They shouldn't have named your cool coat that! My guess is they were just jealous!! :) Love them!!

Sarah Louise said...

I love both your coats. I wish it was warm here!! It's snow everywhere (not falling, but on the scenery) here.

Jeanne said...

Pooh to those yak-minded folks, with knobs on, as Blackadder might add. I love both of your coats. The top one looks strangely familiar....

Cee said...

I like both coats but I like the top one best, it looks more comfy and warm to me.

Jan said...

Oooh, I LOVE your dead yak coat!!