8 December 2005

Warning: sparse posting ahead

My mother has come* to take me to task.

But I'll be back by Christmas.

* All the way from Queensland, for two weeks.
Blogging will be spasmodic while we do the mother-daughter thing.


blackbird said...

what, JUST WHAT, am I supposed to do without you?

am already twitching with withdrawal.

--erica said...


telfair said...

Well, happy holidays in advance...schedules get busy during this time of year.

Alice said...

Your Mum could always start a BLOG !!!!

la vie en rose said...

have a holly jolly time!

Kim said...

this is no good at all and simply not acceptable. My mum barely manages to turn a computer on let alone understand the concept of a blog, hence my ability to write mean, spiteful, awful things about her when I'm tired and cranky and Chef isn't around to direct it to.

Of course, karma will eventually ensure this bites me well and truly on the arse, when in her imminent retirement, she attends computer awareness classes, types my name into Google when they're learning about a 'search engine' and bammo, WW3 Holy Hell What Was I Thinking will follow.

Just tell her you're doing work. It works for me all the time.