30 January 2006


A birthday celebration yesterday for Son #2.

birthday lanterns

Most of his (old) class came.
In the Steiner/Waldorf system, children stay with the same class, with the same teacher, for all of their primary school years. As you can imagine, they become a very tightknit bunch.
As do their parents.

So it was a birthday party, but also a kind of farewell.
A good time was had by all.

cake kiss

He's reached the age when, although he tolerates it, it embarrasses him when I kiss him in front of all his friends.
(See the clenched fists?)

Tomorrow a new school year starts.
New school, new classes, new beginnings.


blackbird said...

sweet boy...

Youngest is not so happy when I kiss him either.

But we can't HELP IT can we?

Alice said...

Happy birthday, young man. I hope you will love your new school and make heaps of great friends. Of course, you will always remember your old friends, too.

la vie en rose said...

ah, fun!

shellyC said...

Glad it was a nice birthday celebration.

Are the children going to be going to another Steiner school?
There is only one Steiner school here in Canberra and a few good friends send their children there. I have even participated in their monthly markets a few times. it is a beautiful school and i certainly envy the closeness between the parents. It just doesn't happen in our school.

jorth said...

...and new friends!

Kim said...

GOOD LUCK to the whole Pea Soup clan. Oscar is also starting in a new school today (they are currently quietly playing together in what I believe is an attempt to pretend the inevitable "it's time to go" will not eventuate!) - such a daunting change in a child's life.

I had read about your car called Roger and considering my Dad's obsession with cars and motor racing, it sort of seemed appropriate.

lisette said...

happy birthday! i did have to look at the bigger version of the photo to see whether you had a tattoo or not!! hope your boys had a good first day at school - today was the first time neither of my kids wanted me to come in - it felt odd just dropping them off and driving away - thank goodness for the baby, he's been helping me sew :)

christina said...

Happy birthday to #2. Will they be going to a Steiner school?

And...those sunset pictures a few posts down. Breathtaking!

telfair said...

I hope he enjoys his back to school experience...it brings back fond memories of my own, when I was a wee lass. It always felt horrible and traumatic at the time, but now I look back with great wistfulness.

sooz said...

Gorgeous :-)

Sorry to use the comments field here, but your site doesn't give an email for you. Is there a reason I am having troublke subscribing to your blog on bloglines?

Suse said...

Lisette, no, no tattoos here!

Shelly and Christina - the children are going to a state school that has a mainstream and a Steiner stream (just like their old school).

Sooz, I have no idea how to help you. I don't really even know what bloglines is, I am so technically dyslexic. But I do know that other readers subscribe to me that way apparently, so it can be done. (I feel like a magazine). Sorry to be of absolutely no assistance. I just bookmark my favourite blogs and visit them a couple of times a week to see if they've updated.

Lynne said...

Here's to new beginnings!
(and there is GREEN grass in the yard/paddock behind your place? In *January*?)