18 January 2006

Domestic goddess stuff

Did I mention we have half an acre of feral blackberries?
It’s a veritable blackberry feast around here.

Blackberries with cream
Blackberries with ice cream
Blackberry crumble (dessert last night and the night before)

... and today...

Blackberry Jam.

Make a small batch first, to see how it goes.

Get your children to pick 500g of blackberries,

jam making berries

Watch that hand. It steals.

jam making hand


jam making steal

Mash em up in a bit pot. Enlist the help of a small child to do this part as it’s tedious.

jam making mash

Stir them for five minutes. Make the small child do this bit too.

jam making stir

Add 400g sugar and stir until dissolved.

Boil rapidly for five or ten minutes until setting point is reached.
Pour into hot sterilised jars and seal when cold.

jam finished

Take all the credit, ignoring small child’s protests.

(This amount only made two jars’ worth. Next time I’ll get the children to pick two kilos of berries. Heaven knows, we have plenty to spare.)

Tomorrow, for something completely different, there will be a birth story on this blog. Stay tuned. Or not. Whatever.


blackbird said...

jam aside, you know how I love birth stories.

BabelBabe said...

feral blackberries - lol. i can just see them with their glinty eyes and pointy teeth.

the jam is so pretty.

SueeeuS said...

The blackberries are feral here as well. You can almost literally watch them creep. Very scary.

la vie en rose said...

ha! now i know why i had a child...slave labor.

jorth said...

Scones, I say! Scones with cream and the jam. Yum!

Oh, and birth stories... should we be scared? (I always frighten people with mine)

jojo* said...

So nice of your son to be helpful in the kitchen. That jam looks divine!

--erica said...

YUM. Yum..
Blackberries AND birth stories all on one blog?? Can it be true??

--erica said...

Yum! Yum! Yum!
I'm envious! Our weather never got quite warm enough to ripen the berries this year. I'm so jealous!

Kat said...

Feral blackberries?

Band name!

Rexclick said...

Berries? you have BERRIES now? Hah!
(later) don'z know what i was going to write. Had tow little girls selling chocolates for the blue cross (what the heck is that?) at the door. I bought one in honor of your son. Does he like swiss chocolate?

Jeanne said...

Julia (age 3 1/2) is standing between my knees as I read this post, and as the pictures scrolled by, she said, "Jam! Mmmm!"