20 January 2006

How he celebrated turning ten


By doing this.

All afternoon.

Makes my heart go all gooey and fudgy.


Kali said...

ahhh, to be 10 again! What a wonderful age...and how lucky are your kids to be able to play and explore in such a beautiful part of the world.

shellyC said...

mine too!!!!

blackbird said...

and I, ever the mother, am thinking:
ooh, bare feet about to be scraped!

interesting that he and Youngest have the exact same hairdo. and apparently loooooong feet.

Jeanne said...

I think I would have shoes on, but yes, if I had a view like that and a big paved area, it sounds like a great way to spend a birthday.

--erica said...

Looks like someone likes the country house! Nothing better than watching your kids do something they LOVE!

la vie en rose said...

ahhh...looks like fun!