21 January 2006

knitting, chocolate-box sunsets, wildlife ... it's all right here folks

First up, the mystery knitting.

mystery knitting

I remember now that I stopped knitting it ages before we moved house, and began another project which I now cannot find. So, back to this one, but as mentioned a couple of days ago, I have no clear memory of what it was destined to be. Another pair of these I suspect, but cannot be sure.

One day all the boxes will be unpacked and some semblance of order will be reinstated.
I hope.

Last night, after a searing day, we watched the play of light over the hills.

This ...


... turned to this ...


... which turned to this.


We oohed and aahed appropriately.

But wait, go back a minute.
What was that in the sky?
A portent?*


Are we to be overrun by a plague of woolly mammoths?


Mr Soup and I were retiring to bed when we discovered this little fellow sitting on the laundry floor. We scooped him up for closer investigation and photographic duties, and identified him as (we think) a Striped Marsh Frog.


He was incredibly tiny and very cool and pleasing to hold, as well as delightfully unfussed by our presence. He stayed with us for a few minutes and then took a flying leap out into the darkness. Hopefully not straight into the waiting beak of a barn owl.


After we popped him down, and went round to lock the front door, marvelling at our very own meet-the-wildlife experience, lo, there was another wee frog perched on the edge of a shallow bowl filled with river stones and water. (The perfect frog resting spot, one presumes).

By this stage, Son #1 had become aware something was going on and he sleepily joined us. The look on his face as the frog sat on his outstretched arm, its tiny throat vibrating madly, was priceless.


* Have I been reading too many books on classical mythology perhaps? (I finished The King Must Die by Mary Renault and while deep in the throes of the Theseus myth, thought I'd try Ariadne by June Rachuy Brindel).


Bec of the Ladies Lounge said...

If I don't get my camera fixed or replaced soon I think I may die of image deprivation. Thanks for the beautiful pics and lovely evening story.

Bec of the Ladies Lounge said...

ps... just in case I go the camera replacement route, are you able to tell me what yours is? Quite apart from the obvious talents of the photographer, it seems to be a great camera!

Susie Sunshine said...

Wow. That sky is just...... wow.

We just got five inches of snow last night, the nice sticky kind that looks like everything is covered with powdered sugar.

I'd like a pet wombat. Do you have any in your hundred acre woods?

SueeeuS said...

I love frogs! Especially tiny cute ones like that. :)

I hope they aren't over-populous to the extent that they carpet the ground and you can't help stepping on them. I was horrified when that happened at C's house every summer. C, our classmate who is married to J who is brother to D of (my) C and D... Don't you love the anonymity here?

Flourish & Blotts said...

It seems like the most depressing thing in the world to start cleaning out a closet only to run across a bag or two (or three) of knitting UFOs only to discover no knitting pattern in the bag and no recollection of what sparked your interest. -Flourish

Elizabeth said...

Mystery knitting: I definitely think it is a slipper. I love moss stitch.
The night sky is beautiful, elephants and all.
As for the frog: very cute little guy. However, I wouldn't be so happy to find one of those poisionous spiders you have down there. Did you figure out how the frogs got in?

Jeanne said...

Picture-postcard perfect sunsets. Did you notice the bear cub cloud next to the woolly mammoth?

Lucky you!

BabelBabe said...

I dig frogs. And yours are soooo cute.

and you may not believe this, but i swear it's true - my word verif is


Sharon said...

What a beautiful view you must have... LOL it is funny to think you and I view the same sunsets and possibly not that far apart - except I am in the depths of the 'burbs...

You mention in the link to your mystery knitting that there was a wonderful button shop in Hawthorn... Can you tell me where???

How is the heat treating you??? I sat in the bath last night reading 'far from a still like - margaret Olley'(artist)... She describes her life on farms in Queensland when she was a child (around the Depression time)It made me realise that I wasn't so badly off... But when she describes the climate I was right there with her...

Not much sleeping in our house last night... We wandered the halls like ghosts...

Kim said...

I must apologise. I know I've been silent. I'm calling it a viscious silent circle.

I can't get over the views, the wildlife and the very nature of your home. It's mud brick. You are - once more - my kinda person.

I missed you in your silence late last week - you didn't post for a couple of days and I had withdrawals.

The knitting, regardless of what it was meant to be, looks gorgeous - like something you could snuggle.

Suse said...

Bec: Camera is a Canon PowerShot A520, purchased 'for free' on frequent flyer points.

Susie: no wombat sightings as yet. Will put in an order for you.

Sueeeus: ugghhh, I had no idea poor C & J had PLAGUES of frogs. How 'orrible. One or two is delightful, but more than that might be a tad scary.

Flourish: yes. It sure is. I also found a cardigan I had 90% finished (from many years ago) before realising I didn't like it any more.

Elizabeth: the laundry door was left ajar which is is how the laundry frog entered. The front door frog was outside the front door.

Jeanne: I have searched and searched and can find no bear cub. Are you teasing me?

Sharon: the shop is in Auburn Rd, Hawthorn, and I THINK it is no. 134, but can't find it in the phone book. From memory, it was called Est Handmade. It's not just a button shop, in fact the buttons are one tiny aspect, but everything in there was stunning. Linens, homewares, trinkets, soaps (they make the soaps out the back), ribbon, etc. Simply gorgeous. And it's where I got the idea of knitting cotton facewashers (if you saw that on my blog some time ago).

dani said...

the view from the house is awesome ! lucky lucky things! and the frog visitations - the coolest!

danielle said...

Ooh....little froggies! So cute!