22 January 2006

Show and Tell: a good hat


Only two days late with my show and tell.

My favourite hat.

It is sweltering hot hat weather here right now.
40 odd degrees here today, also yesterday, and Friday was similar.
It is a day of Total Fire Ban, the radio has stopped normal broadcasting to bring non-stop bushfire information, and we are all a little nervous.

So. Hats on whenever we go outside, even if it’s only for two minutes to hang washing out.

This was purchased two years and two months ago, at the market in the main street of Queenscliff, while the Queenscliff Music Festival was taking place. I feel a bit like a raspberry when I wear it, but I love it.

I wore it yesterday morning when I went to the market at the crack of dawn, before the real heat kicked in.

The Cool Change is due at around seven o’clock tonight. Can’t wait.

Lots of people asked questions about my last post.
Answers are in yesterday's comments section.


Sharon said...

Thanks P... I will look it up...

blackbird said...

Well, first, I love the hat. You look like one of your boys today.

It seems so Out Of Africa, you there in the bush...I am not good with animals and so think you are very brave...and the idea of the fires - oh, I'd never sleep.

an adventure.

--erica said...

I love the hat! You look so exotic in it!
Sending snowy thoughts to you!

Bec of the Ladies Lounge said...

Thought of you when watching the bushfires on the news last night and was hoping all is well and the danger is far from you and yours. Feeling bad, in a god-like way, for ever mentioning the fire-thing here!

la vie en rose said...

cute pic. we're having a burn ban in texas right now too. 80+ days with no moisture of any kind. ugh!!!

irene said...

love the hat!

Surfing Free said...

That's a great looking hat. I also have a red floppy hat that I love ... I think it must be something about the flattering pink light it casts onto my face :)

shellyC said...

Glad you are away from the fires. Hoping you get a cool change before the expected heat on Thursday!!