4 January 2006

two adults, three children, a geriatric cat and a huge dog, in a new location

Gosh we have a lot of stuff.

Actually, I know that we have a lot less stuff than many people, but when you have to pack it all into boxes, haul it across the city on a 39 degree day (that's Celsius, people), and then unpack it all (well, some of it) the next day, which happens to be a 43 degree day, it feels like a LOT of stuff.

The newspaper gleefully informed us that 43 celsius is about 108 gasundheit, for those folks who still work in old money.

Suffice to say, I am exhausted.

Things I love ...

the pantry!
the views from every window
the whole environment/surroundings of our new suburb
the welcoming party of neighbours who turned up last night to introduce themselves and welcome us
the rustic nature of the house (this one may wear off I suspect)
the views
the views.

Things I'm not so thrilled about ...

the bathroom (blue laminex counter, 'gold' taps, faux heritage tiles)
the kitchen (apart from the pantry, see above)
the creepy crawlies
the realisation that we really are in a bushfire-risk zone
the cobwebs.

Thank you all for your comments and good luck wishes.
I will get around to checking your blogs and replying shortly.
But first, I have to find the box containing my underwear.

Kind of sad that I listed the pantry before the views ...


Susie Sunshine said...

You crazy thing, with all your great tips on how to hid things in a house you are selling, you didn't know that undies and unmentionables go in a locked suitcase carried only by you?!

Issues? I have NO idea what you are talking about.

blackbird said...

Ahh, but a great pantry is priceless --
nearly as valuable as a panty I suspect.

--erica said...

So so happy to hear you are arrived safely.
I hope pictures will soon follow of this Pantry.
PanNTRY..not the other things blackbird said!

capello said...

I am so totally jealous right now.

Except for the brushfire and lack of panties.

SueeeuS said...

I've been waiting with baited breath for your next post and am so glad to see you are back on line! Yes, a pantry ranks way up there, and no worries about the decor. You will work your magic on it and it will be divine in no time.

la vie en rose said...

wishing you much luck with the unpacking...that's always my least favorite part of moving...ugh!

shellyC said...

With views like that and neighbours not so close....who cares if you are not wearing undies!!!

Good Luck with the unpacking. Save a few boxes to unpack later...like years later...we always do!! At least they are packed for the next move!!

tracie said...

Congratulations! One day I hope to move somewhere as beautiful. Good luck with settling in and hopefully not too many more hot days.

telfair said...

Your new home & surroundings are beautiful...I'm catching up on "blogging" now that we're back in Melbourne. Our cab driver from the airport told us about the 43-degree day!! I'm glad we came home to a little bit more moderate temps. I can't imagine trying to unpack & get organized in such heat. Good luck!