25 January 2006

Vital Statistics

• 6 days left of the summer holidays
• 1 kangaroo spotted while hanging out the washing
• 40 degrees forecast again for tomorrow
• 7 children romping around the garden
• 3 cups of tea (each) consumed by the two supervising adults
• 4 large trees to be removed next week at great expense
• 3 pairs of new school shoes to be purchased by next Tuesday
• 22 rows of Anjuli Jacket completed, in delicious 8 ply plummy purple
• 2 fruitless hours spent on the internet trying to find the perfect sock pattern and yarn for a novice sock-knitter
• 1 Meyer lemon, planted in huge terracotta pot by front door
• 8 new seedlings, died in the extreme heat of last weekend
• 3 batches of muffins, burnt, before finally mastering the temperamental oven here
• 4 hours spent in the river on the second hottest January day ever recorded
• 3 people dead in the weekend bushfires
• 15 million Australians in mourning

river H1

river & ducks & P2


SueeeuS said...

I was thinking of some comments and then the last two entries stopped me in my tracks, and all I can say now is how sorry I am to hear of that tragedy. I wanted to celebrate your roo sighting, and a lemon, how exciting that is to someone who can only dream of growing something citrus. But death by brushfire. That is tragic and my prayers and thoughts are with you and your 15 million neighbors. :( I wish you could have some of our overabundant rain.

Windy City Wendy said...

Sueeeus just said it best. I was thrilled to think of a kangaroo so close. The brushfires remind me of all the fires that happened recently in Texas. A friend who lives in Dallas told me that for two weeks solid, everytime she went outside she smelled smoke. So sorry for all of you.

blackbird said...

I'm not sure how to say it better.

We send thoughts and hugs and prayers to our Australian friends.

jorth said...

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that nothing terrible happens over this horribly hot weekend we're about to have.

Bec of the Ladies Lounge said...

So very sad. Especially, I think, the adult and child trapped in their car who seem to have tried to hide under the seats. Makes you hold your babies closer for a moment or six, doesn't it?

Kim said...

You have been so prominent in my thoughts over the last week as you guys endure relentless extreme weather. It's just such a quintessential part of living in this country, but that never ever takes away the horror and sorrow when people lose their lives in a bushfire.
Thinking of you and your clan every day.

la vie en rose said...

perfect example of life...the joy/celebration mingled with the grief/sorrow/frustration

Alice said...

And the thing makes one so mad is that the lunatics who light the fires don't give a damn! And those who loot burned out properties are just as bad.

Alice said...

I was going to ask "However do you manage to keep knitting in the very hot weather?" My hands perspire when knitting even in the winter; summer would be hopeless.

Sharon said...

And to add to alice's comment -those people who go 'sight seeing' in fire affected areas... I cannot understand that one.. As if the fire fighters, police and voluteers haven't enough to think about without these other idiots 'wanting to have a look'...

dani said...

it's only 29 here today and it's killing me. without the beach and pool nearby i think i'd die. poor you!hopefully we get these fires under control asap.

Laura A. said...

I just found your blog and the pictures of summer (oh, those blackberries!) and heat were just so welcome. It is terrible when it is damaging, too.

When I learned to knit socks, I learned from the knitting pure and simple beginner's pattern. Having moved on to all kinds of complicated things, I still think it is a great pattern.

shellyC said...

I keep checking your blog and hope you are OK and not affected by the fires.

PS. Let me know when you find an easy sock pattern.

Lynne said...

it's been a stinking few days, hasn't it?
Love the pics - you are up beyond Warrandyte by the looks of the Hills views. We're in the middle of suburbia - not much bushfire risk here!