27 January 2006



Blessed relief.

Hopefully this downpour will help get the fires under control.
The CFA say it’s a double-edged sword however, as rain can hamper fire fighting efforts on the ground, interfere with backburning strategies, and lightning strikes from the storms can ignite fresh fires.

But the feeling of cool air and all that moisture was heavenly.
We ran outside, faces skyward, mouths open.
Just laughing and laughing.

Thankyou to everyone who sent well wishes, prayers and blessings. We are not in direct danger here it seems, unless the Kinglake fires escalate wildly over the next few days, which now appears unlikely. But it’s still scary for city slickers like us, new to the bush.

rain lanterns

PS. My show and tell is on flickr this week.


la vie en rose said...

yeah rain!!!! once you get all you need send some my way!

blackbird said...

and if you are sending weather out to people, I will take some snow, please.

shellyC said...

my favourite smell is rain on a hot day!! Shame it is so rare here!

Glad it has helped.

SueeeuS said...

I love your lanterns and the view of the trees drifting off in misty layers through the horizon. I LOVE that!!

--erica said...

blessed rain. :)

kath red said...

hi suse, catching up on all your news. the bush fires - and your amazing photos - the heat and the birthstory - and you moved house - and what a wonderful looking house it is.

telfair said...

I'm so glad that you weren't in the path of the bushfires. We have friends out near the Kings Lake area and it was a very close thing for them, but in the end, I think it missed them, too. Way too close for comfort, though.

telfair said...

er, Kinglake, easy to tell that I'M a city slicker, too..

herhimnbryn said...

Rain, rain, rain. Glad you are all ok. Last year we had to pack what we could and wait for advice to leave, due to bush fires. Being from the Uk, I was initially fearfull and then remarkably calm! I had my Husband, our dog and all our photos, the house was insured, we'd cleared fire breaks and gutters etc, so there was nothing else we could do. Fortunately, the Vol Fire brigade did an outstanding job and we were ok. Apologies, for rambling on and on!!

Dawn said...

sock patterns!

gee... I didn't really use one. I just cast on 64 sts, worked the cuff, then stockinette to the heel. To turn the heel I used directions I found on the web. However, my computer has since crashed and I lost the link. Today I was poking around and saw this knitty pattern (http://www.knitty.com/ISSUEwinter05/PATTthuja.html), which looks great - simple but interesting. Sorry I'm not of more help, but at any rate, I highly recommend trying a pair! They are awfully fun to knit.

Great photos, by the way!

Kim said...

Isn't it bizarre - the incredible searing heat you guys have been enduring and then rain. Rain! Amazing, and so glad you guys are not (directly) in the line of fires.