21 February 2006

apologies for my absence ...

but many things have happened.

• my computer died
• it took two days to get it working again, and I have lost every single email, and email address I ever had
• I also lost all my internet 'favourites'. I have to find you all again, and save you one at a time to my ailing computer
• I feel bereft!
• I am working again, so in addition to this not being a great time to lose my computer and internet access, it means I have limited time to blog and read blogs
• again, the bereftness
• Son #3 turned seven yesterday! Much celebration, cake making, blowing of candles, and a party next weekend
• then that's it for the birthdays, except for mine which doth loom but I am not responsible for gift purchasing or cake baking for that one
• I am accutely aware I have not yet posted Son #3's birth story, due to the absent computer etc on his birthday. I must rectify this but when? When?
• the tradesmen are really annoying me, ringing to say they will be here and then not turning up. My husband is a tradesman, and it is not that hard to be honest and turn up when you say you will. He manages it.
• my studies commence again next week. Again, the limited to time for bloggy duties.
• the dog keeps getting out
• there is a mob of 35 kanagaroos living at the end of the road.

• I have missed you all.


blackbird said...

a mob?
a mob of roos?


I'll be right there - and I will smack them across the cheek if they come near you.

I miss you too --

robin said...

i feel your pain, though frankly i sometimes wish my computer would die.

kisses and much support!

lisette said...

hey suse - welcome back! i was just feeling morose about not having time to do stuff for myself such as blogging. actually i miss the mental space you need for creating anything - my creating time is being snatched in small amounts at the moment in between working and family stuff - sooooo frustrating. all i want at the moment is to be left alone :) so commiserating hugs

SueeeuS said...

I think of you every day. Hang in there!

Happy birthday to your beautiful boy. All three with birthdays so close together!

--erica said...

We just finished having birthday cake for son #3 here too..he just turned seven as well. Happy day to yours! :)
I'm sad about your computer.
Worried about the kangaroos. Maybe they are scaring away the tradesman?

shellyC said...

Hi Suse

Seems ALL great people have birthdays on teh 20th...me included!! Happy Birthday to your son!!!

I am sure you will find some time for blogging....just to keep us updated on what wonderful nature is presenting itself at your place!!

Good Luck with your studies. I started back yesterday and am doing four units this semester. I am sitting in bed at 8.30pm with a pile of textbooks I need to start reading.

Kim said...

your bereftness is only matched by that of all of us wondering if some bush spider has bitten you and rendered you mute on the blue bathroom tiles, the remarkable mud brick insulatory qualities meaning no one could hear your cries for help as that mob move further up the road into your territory...

telfair said...

We've missed you, too!!

But we understand that life can sometimes get in the way of blogging...*rats.*

Bec of the Ladies Lounge said...

yeah, what kim said (which spookily once again accounts for our duo blog thang)... only I thought it was a red belly black snake and was curious as to whether you have as many of those in Victoria as we do in NSW?
But really, I would have called an ambulance had you gone one more day without posting, truly.

the word verification is so scary I am going to deliberately fail and start again. Yadza!

Bec of the Ladies Lounge said...

PS - would it be terribly rude to ask how you managed to have three boys' birthdays within so few weeks of the year?

Suse said...

Happy birthday ShellyC and --erica's son #3.

Bec, we have mostly brown snakes and tiger snakes. Both significantly deadly.

The roos aren't scary! They are beautiful! (The word 'mob' is just the term for the plural of them. What is that word for a group of something?)

Oh look, I spelt acutely wrong(ly).

As for the three boys all having birthdays within the same 6 weeks ... one of my friends has her birthday on 8 May (Hi F!) and she always jokes that Mr Soup and I celebrate her birthday. The joke is kind of wearing thin now after 12 years.

Know what I find annoying about commenting on my own blog? Having to do the word verification.

BabelBabe said...


I now need to read An Exaltation of Larks, due to the kangaroo Mafia.

Happy bday, #3!

And I miss you too, Suse. I hope your semester studies are going well. Come visit when you can.

herhimnbryn said...

thanks for your great comment on my blog.
I suspect you can get Swallows and Amazons from Amazon! I got The Railway Children on dvd from there. Also, wasn't S and A a bbc production? Maybe the ABC shops stock it?
I will have to check the spelling of some of the Welsh swear words before I can teach you!!
So sorry about the comp. crash, hope you get it sorted.

Sharon said...

Isn't always the way - you just start to enjoy your life when the real world 'gangs up' and moves in on you...Yep, 2006 is really starting to swing... I demand some extra hours with my name on them...

sooz said...

Yeah, I missed you too. I never thought roos were scary till I witnessed a fight between one and an emu at way too close quarters...at 3am...just beside my tent. Did ya know they bark like dogs?
Anyway glad you are back at least a bit. Good luck with study - what are you studying?

Joke said...

Yikes. Dying computers produce cast arrays of suckitude.


P.S. I get the feeling the kangaroos are just loitering and smoking cigarettes instead of looking for gainful employment.

Susie Sunshine said...

Damn dying computers-I understand your pain.

Happy boy birthday! The nicest people seem to be birthed in February!

How much to have a clutch of kangaroos shipped to my yard?