15 February 2006


Look. See? I’m posting two days in a row, just to prove I’m not dead or in prison.

Di tagged me last week. I’ve been a tad tardy in getting around to responding.

Four jobs I’ve had:

1. salesgirl in a ‘hot bread shop’ (yes it was the late 70s) (yes I was very very young)
2. copywriter in an ad agency
3. a temp job, London, 1986. All hush hush, in a locked room with three others, plotting delivery routes. What for? We didn’t know. Weren’t told. Weren’t allowed to know anything. We were a ragtag bunch of students and travellers, poring over London maps for four weeks, determining the quickest routes from A to B. Then we were sent packing. A week later I watched the news in horror as Rupert Murdoch launched the War at Wapping. And the newspaper world was changed forever.
4. kitchen hand in a ski lodge, the winter of ‘87. The chef was a wild man. I still can’t scrub a zucchini with a straight face.

Four movies I could watch over and over:

1. Shakespeare in Love
2. Love Actually
3. Les Enfants du Paradis
4. Monsieur Hulot’s Holiday

Four places I’ve lived:

1. Kent, UK
2. Melbourne, Victoria
3. Idaho, USA
4. Islington (London), UK

Four TV shows I Love:

1. Drop the Dead Donkey (has been off air for years now)
2. RAN
3. Teachers
4. Creature Comforts

Four Places I’ve Holidayed:

1. Mykonos
2. Fiji
3. Cape Tribulation
4. Perth

Four of my favourite dishes:

1. Mum’s roast lamb
2. Rice paper rolls
3. Baked trout with almonds
4. Pancakes with maple syrup, ice cream, and fruit salad

Four websites I visit daily:

1. Google
2. The University of Melbourne (in semester)
3. Yarnstorm
4. Say La Vee

Four places I’d rather be right now:

1. Lying on a beach on a tropical island somewhere, watching my children and husband frolic in the shallows, being served escargots (the pastries, not the molluscs) and a pink drink with an umbrella in it (actually the drink is a lie, it just sounded appropriate. I’d rather a Gordon’s gin & tonic)
2. In Mum’s lounge room, feet curled up on the settee, drinking tea and catching up
3. New York
4. In my bed

Four people I’d like to tag:

I won’t tag anyone in particular, but if there's anyone on the planet who hasn't yet done this one, please have a go if you wish.

And this is where we get all interactive, dear readers.
I want to know how many of you have done this meme on your blogs, cos it seems to be everywhere right now.

Go on, de-lurk and tell me whether you have or not, and if not, why not?
And ... tell me ...
Do you like memes?
Do you like tagging people?
Do you love being tagged but feel uneasy tagging others, as I do?
Do you adore reading other peoples’ responses?
Is it all a bit chain-letterish?

Spill your guts, gentle readers, do.

And now, a gratuitous picture of a boy blowing bubbles, totally unrelated to the text of this post.


Surfing Free said...

I've done it, but only after I sulked about never being tagged ;) I quite like them because they usually get people commenting. Mind you, I've only done one so I'm not over it yet :)

shobhana said...

i love your blog! more photos, please! i'm living vicariously...

a. said...

Do you like memes?

Yes, quite a bit. I sometimes learn stuff about myself.

Do you like tagging people?

No, I don't like people to feel left out.

Do you love being tagged but feel uneasy tagging others, as I do?

I've been tagged for memes I couldn't possibly answer. Then I feel like I'm being rude.

Do you adore reading other peoples’ responses?

In general, though there are hundreds of these four meme responses.

Is it all a bit chain-letterish?

No bad luck if you get tagged and you don't answer, but it is a bit of in-crowd/best friend forever/junior high school.

ivy said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! In answer to your question- No I did not sew that wonderful Waldorf doll. She's a Kathe Kruse Waldorf doll that's sold through Magic Cabin (www.magiccabin.com- many nice Waldorf toys but expensive and terrible service).

I'm with shobhana- more pics! You live in such a lovely place and your kids are beautiful!

Kat said...

Haven't done it because I haven't been tagged. Will consider this my tag and do the meme myself sometime in the next couple of days. Love memes. Nobody pays attention, so I can't tag anyone. Don't adore reading other responses, just rather like. No, not chain-letterish. Aren't those just postal scams?

blackbird said...

I haven't done this meme.
I don't exactly know why...

It's a lot less work than that meme of Joke's - I cannot even begin to contemplate that one.

capello said...

Love the photo!

And I'm a dork, I like being tagged for meme's. Otherwise, I feel like the unpopular kid at school.

Jane said...

Four things I dislike about memes:
1) the name
2) the temptation to lie (eg four places I have lived: mountain retreat in Tibet, igloo in Iceland, penthouse suite in NYC, terraced two up two down in Sheffield - except the last one is true).
3) I was told never to get involved with chain letters and I tell my children the same, and these things remind me too much of the postal variety.
4) I've yet to come across one which is subtle enough to make the writer reveal stuff unintentionally - and that WOULD be interesting.

And I'll put in a fifth, because I won't even conform to this four things one:
5) they are a modern blogging virus.

Miserable, me?

jess said...

I haven't done that one...I'll do a meme on occasion if I have a nice gut response to the questions. I have neutral feelings towards being tagged (I'll do it if I'm tagged, am not offended otherwise) but I don't really like to tag others. I tend to skim responses to memes. I often having a hard time answering questions about my favorite anything.

Jane said...

...and another reason I dislike memes is that they set me off on rants and then I forget my manners. I am, of course, delighted that you read yarnstorm daily; I check & recheck all my spellings & grammar because I know you read. You are a very valued visitor.

Kim said...

Bec was tagged by Surfing Free and she tagged me (a first for both of us) so come on over for a look.

The London temp job is fascinating in hindsight...similarly, my first real job was ringing stadiums to get costings for hosting 'big sporting matches'. Roll on the failed attempt at SuperLeague.

Sarah Louise said...

Yes, I've done this one.
Meh--some memes are daft, but some are fun. Joke's is insanity, but I did it cause...well, I'm insane!
I feel special when someone tags me (which is why I did this meme).

Glad you're not dead or in prison.

--erica said...

can I tell you something? I don't even know what meme means!!
I don't usually do them because I'm just not that interesting. BUT I do like reading them. Maybe I'll try this one.. just for fun, and well you did tag me ;0)[anyone on the planet who hasn't yet done this one, please have a go if you wish]

Barb said...

Pretty much ditto what Kat said.

Barb said...

Let me amend my comment to say I don't find it chain letterish at all. I think it's fun. I love reading people's 100 Things About Me pages too. I find too many people aren't always genuine on their blogs. I like to expose my soul a bit, and hope others do the same. It's far more REAL. Versus perfect husband, perfect home, perfect kids, etc. That gets old.

robin said...

i've done it.
Do you like memes? yes.
Do you like tagging people? i do.
Do you love being tagged but feel uneasy tagging others, as I do? yes, no --i don't feel uneasy. i don't care if they do or not.
Do you adore reading other peoples’ responses? so much!
Is it all a bit chain-letterish --nah. chain letters are scary.

Jeanne said...

I did a different version of this meme a while back. (They seem to (d)evolve in the transmission, like that old game of Telephone.) I have mixed feelings about them, myself -- it's nice when people read your blog and want to know more about you, but it's a bother sometimes. I answer if I'm tagged specifically, because it seems polite, but I don't tag any more.

I always think of "chain letters" as being those "you will have horrible luck and probably DIE if you break this chain!!!!" variety, which are just mean, whereas blog memes are much more in the getting-to-know-you spirit. You can also consider Self-Portrait Tuesday and Show and Tell Thursday (formerly Friday) to be memes.

"Meme" is a strange and unpleasant word, but then so are most of the words coined because of the internet.

sooz said...

Yes, I've done 4 things.
I love being tagged.
Not even sure how to tag someone else, don't know what the rules of etiquette are. Like reading the responses, but yeah, it is a bit chain letterish. How else do we get to know each other?

Lynne said...

I'm catching up!
Getting tagged for a meme is good and bad, especially when you don't have a CLUE about how to answer. I've done a few now. I love finding things out about others.
I love the misty pic looking to the Dandenongs. Beautiful! I want to live in a place with a view! But first we live in our First Home.

BabelBabe said...

i love most memes, but dislike tagging others generally.

am glad you're not dead. and hey, badger is the only one i'd said i expect would be in prison...: )

herhimnbryn said...

Kent? Kent? Where? I was born in Kent!

Di said...

Hey- I'd completely forgotten about Drop the Dead Donkey! I loved that show too..

Interesting to read through all the responses about memes- I knew already Jane didn't like them. quite a mix of other reactions.

I find some memes interesting- it's nice to learn more about people. It's nice to be tagged- to know that someone else is thinking of you.

I also have dilemas trying to pick who to tag- I try to pick some people I know and some I'd like to know. I did consider tagging the last four commenters as I've seen some people do, just to take the dilemma out of it- but choosing myself seemed more satisfying.

Suse said...

Herhimnbryn ... Bexley, Kent. We moved there from Brixton in London when I was six weeks old, and stayed until I was two and a half. Then to Australia.