3 February 2006

Friday Show and Tell: briefcase/purse

My darling PILL requests that we show our purses and briefcases this week.

I believe the Tuvalan term ‘purse’ translates to what we in Australia call ‘handbag’.
(Here, show me your purse would result in me whipping out my wallet with a bemused expression).

Herewith, my work briefcase.

Simple black leather with a silver buckle.
Almost fits the huge agenda papers for the three-hour meetings I attend as part of my work as a very important (ahem) person at an institute of higher education. Ha.

And my everyday bag.

I am not quite one hundred percent sure it’s me, but a friend made it for me, and it’s big enough to hold all the junk I tote about with me, so it has survived.

I am actually on a perpetual hunt for the perfect, large-enough-but-not-too-gargantuan, black leather tote.
I have been on this mission for many years now.
I have never ever succeeded.

Note: several people have asked [Steiner/wool/gecko] questions lately. As Blogger won’t let me reply directly by email, I am going to answer all questions in the comments sections from now on. So, if you leave a question for me, please do return later and check the comments section of that relevant post. Clear as mud? Okay? Okay.

(I hope nobody takes offence at this, cos really I do love and appreciate you all, you know. With the exception of those stalky axe-murderer types of course. It’s just that my computer time is necessarily limited, plus I suffer under the martyrdom known as ‘dial up internet’.)


SueeeuS said...

I love your briefcase! And I share your quest for the perfect black tote. It must be black. Oh yes.

blackbird said...

I like the briefcase very much...

the quest for the tote is maddening.

...am thinking my computer time needs to be more limited.

--erica said...

I love the friend bag..very happy indeed!

la vie en rose said...

i'm always on the search for the perfect purse but i have yet to find it. i want something large enough to carry my calendar, a thin book, my camera, and a journal yet not so bulky that it weighs me down. hmmmm...i may want the impossible.

Sharon said...

Me too suse - I 'haunted' shops looking for THAT bag - it sounds like you and I are looking for something pretty similar... Now if I find it first - IT'S MINE!!!!!!!

BabelBabe said...

You know, Blogger ate comments too, because I posted that I loved your briefcase. Very elegant. Unless I am losing my mind...?