5 February 2006

a little perambulation

(Posted for the second time, as Blogger ate it yesterday)

This morning I went for a walk.
I walked out of the house.
Up to the end of the road.
And into the bush.
I walked and walked and walked and walked and walked, until I was very tired. *

Of course I took my camera!

big sky1big sky2dead tree recliningdead tree big

fencegrasseswalk flowers1gum leaves

* The problem was of course, that I then had to turn around and walk and walk and walk and walk and walk all the way home. By the time I arrived home I no longer felt like a fresh green pea, but more like a dried up old shrivelled red lentil. ** I was very much hoping that Mr Soup would have been terribly worried about me, and decide to meet me halfway home, preferably with a sedan chair and a litre of gin and tonic, but no such luck. He was reclining with the weekend paper and a cup of chai and barely looked up when I staggered in. Despite the exhaustion, I think I should make this a regular event rather than an occasional weekend foray.

** Which reminds me, I found a fabulous red lentil and kumara soup recipe if anybody is interested?

I am also reinstating Word for the Day.
You know, to improve your, uh, my vocabulary.

Word for the day: quotidian


carol said...

Thank you for the pictures of the "bush". I have no idea what it looks like and the very word conjured up all kinds of misperceptions I am sure on my part. And yes please to the soup recipe. Its very much soup weather in my part of the world.

kate said...

I can't believe how different two parts of the world can look on the same day. Snow is blowing around outside my window right now. I'm not sure there's anyplace in the world quite as untouched and beautiful as Australia...I was fortunate to spend 5 months there in college and after 9 years I still think of it almost daily. Thank you for these wonderful pictures.

--erica said...

That sounds just wonderful! Our snow is melting, but spring is still so far away.

BabelBabe said...

The blue of that sky. Wow! Breathtaking.

BabelBabe said...

also, kumara are sweet poatoes, yes?

Both H and I LOVE sweet potatoes. I will make sweet potato pancakes and eat the whole batch standing up at the stove. Can I have your lentil and kumara recipe? Thx!

blackbird said...

I know those leaves!
I buy branches of them at christmas.

I hope you wore a hat and had a canteen.

shellyC said...

your walk looked gorgeous!!

yes would love the soup recipe please.

PS. Next time take the gin with you and leave it somewhere to walk back to!!

jorth said...

Very interested in the recipe. One can never have too many recipes for soup, I say.

Oh, and your photographs are amazing.

Susie Sunshine said...

Pictures of your knitting and the sky and green growing things cheers me as the wind blows last night's snow off the roof and creates mini blizzards while I look out the window.

la vie en rose said...

the first part sounds lovely...the second half sounds tiring...

Alice said...

How come no-one else tackled the Word for the Day? BTW, are we supposed to come back with the meaning, or not?

Anyway, QUOTIDIAN, which is an adjective, means 'occurring or returning daily', and also 'of an everyday character; ordinday, commonplace'. No, I'm not smart - I had to look it up. Any suggestion of WORD games will always spark my interest.

Glad you enjoyed at least half of your walk. The photos make it all worthwhile.

SueeeuS said...


I love the word of the day concept. We used to do that at work, many years ago. I miss that.

dani said...

excellent series, looks like a beautiful area. how cool to have all that so close.

yes yes to recipe please. love lentils. love kumara.

and now i'll go look up quotidian

Lazy cow said...

I can't believe we live in the same city; it's amazing how different and beautiful the outer suburbs are from the eastern suburbs.

Yes please, do post the soup recipe. I always have a sweet potato rolling forlornly around my pantry drawer waiting to be put to use.

Thanks for posting to my blog - I couldn't reply via email. Love reading yours and I've begun insigating your after-school tea ceremony with my daughter. It's a beautiful ritual.

herhimnbryn said...

If you get the time go for your walk v.early in the morning. I promise you won't feel like an old lentil, more like a fresh green pea!
Your images are lovely. I will now take my camera everytime I walk the hound.
Thanks for a lovely post.

--erica said...

I did look up the word, and even came up with a sentence but I thought I would look like a big goober! ;) OK. I AM a big goober.

sooz said...

Great snaps - envy your proximity to wide open spaces as I sit in front of the computer all day...OK, I think I'll have to copy this great idea on the word of the day - hope you don't mind if I post the same? And what's the tea ritual? I missed that one, but anything that involves tea and ritual has me on the edge of my seat.

Kat said...

I had a dream about having a colony of golden macaques in my back yard, last night. I think it was inspired by your blog.