25 February 2006


It’s been a pink kind of week.

pink cookbook
The week began, as you know, with Son #3’s seventh birthday.
Our little chef received two children’s cookbooks, some shiny new utensils and a wee apron.
On Wednesday night after swimming lessons, he came home, ripped off his bathers and popped on his new purple apron and proceeded to make the most fabulous chocolate cake from this book, with not much assistance at all.

(When I say he ripped off his bathers and threw on an apron, I mean it literally. He didn’t put clothes or pyjamas on first. And yes, I couldn't resist taking several photographs, each one titled The Naked Chef 1, 2, etc. I nearly posted them here but did manage to resist …)

pink postcard
My cousin sent us a housewarming postcard of windows in Yemen.
Because she has excellent taste like that.
It‘s stuck up on our fridge with the Shakespearian insults fridge magnet set.

pink library magnet
Also on the fridge.
A visit to our new local library.
Reminder note stuck up with our old local library magnet.

pink nook
A nook in the dining room with some of my favourite things.
The clock stopped working the day we moved.
Some sort of protest?

pink parcel
The postman brought an exquisitely wrapped parcel.
A parcel which, due to misunderstandings of handwriting and not all neighbours knowing of our existence yet, has travelled across the seas three times now.
(And still had no. 55 written on it, instead of 56. But it arrived!)

pink apron
In it was an apron.
For me!

pink apron applieque
In my favourite colours … plums, browns and pinks.
Thank you, dearest one. You do spoil me.


blackbird said...

oh god.

after all that, then I GET THE ADDRESS WRONG TOO!?

there is no hope for me.

I suppose the postman recognized it immediately and was kind enough to deliver it...

Sarah Louise said...

What, you mailed stuff to Australia? I hope Joke doesn't see those pictures of Pink and Brown--but it is lovely.

And I totally am the same way with colors. When we were in Pittsburgh Steelers mania few weeks ago, I was nearly going blind--EVERYTHING looked black and gold.

You take lovely pictures. And I used to have one of those Shakespeare magnet things. They are so much fun!!

BabelBabe said...

I love the magnets. Esp. the Shakespearean insult one.

Your stuff is all so cute, and it's arranged so artfully. and now i want some chocolate cake.

also, i often have to restrain myself from posting nekkid baby pics, so am totally with you on that! Don't want any weirdos - well, other than us - to stalk our kids!

SueeeuS said...

We have the Shakespearean magnets too, and also the psychoanalyst couch therapy ones, and they're all mixed up. It's a hoot!

The clock is gorgeous!

Kim said...

The apron is divine, the nook gorgeous and I am loving the Shakespearian insults.

Thank you for making me laugh with the Kimmy Kimmy, Look at me reference.

Even I'm wondering just what happened for me to crash this hard. But am taking each day one at a time.

herhimnbryn said...

Oh! I have the Shakespeare love quotes kit on my fridge!
That apron is great. Thankgoodness it found you eventually!

telfair said...

The photographs are just beautiful and the apron is a treasure.

You are very lucky to have a budding chef as a son...think of all the benefits you will reap in the form of toothsome tidbits! That cake sounded brilliant.

dani said...

love this series of images!