12 February 2006

random bits from the weekend

Additions to the meme.
(I knew that would happen as soon as I posted it.)

TV shows: Drop the Dead Donkey, Brides of Christ, Simone de Beauvoir’s Babies.
Books: Captain Corelli’s Mandolin (not the abysmal movie they made)
Movies: Hamlet (the Ethan Hawke one)


We are getting blasé.
Two nights ago someone says Oh look. There’s the echidna. Digging a hole in the lawn.
We briefly look out the window.
Oh yeah we say.
And turn back to watch Sri Lanka thrashing Australia in the cricket.


Observations regarding the Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony

Mr Soup and I settled down for a viewing of the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics. Me with my knitting (Jo Sharp Anjuli Jacket sans stripes, halfway through the back thanks for asking) and Mr Soup gamely clutching a copy of Vikram Seth’s A Suitable Boy if you please. (You all know this book, yes? The one as big as three airport novels glued together …). We turned off the sound to avoid the inane commentary, and instead listened to a live broadcast of Andreas Scholl singing in his beautiful counter-tenor, at Hamer Hall. Gorge.

So. The opening ceremony minus the explanatory notes. We had to guess what was going on.

Odd shapes on the ground, made by thousands of colourfully clad ordinary Italian folk … This is the bit where Mr and Mrs Torino get to participate says Mr Soup. The odd shapes are meant to be viewed from above, so we ponder what it must have looked like to the spectators in the stands. Mass chaos, presumably. Well, we had a good view here in Melbourne on the telly.

Did you all notice the terribly quick cut to a close up of a giggling yellow-clad man pretending to do obscene things to his blue-clad neighbour? They got the camera off him pretty darn quick.

Then the athletes, country by country. Each team led in by a woman wearing a meringue. As each country arrived I gradually realised they weren’t meringues, they were alps! Gosh. With tiny trees, even. I think I want an alp dress for my birthday! I say.

We never have long to wait for the Australian team to emerge, being an A country n’ all.
And we always hold our breath to see what bizarre uniforms the Aussie team will have to wear. They usually manage to look as though the entire team has indulged in a vomit fest. Over each other. We weren’t disappointed. No vomit this time, but out they came, dozens of Australian skiers and skaters, dressed head to toe in white, looking like a bunch of astronauts. (A posse of astronauts? A clutch of astronauts?) With yolk yellow beanies. They wandered laconically around the stadium, waving and ringing people on their mobile phones Hi Mum! Guess where I am?!

Observations of the other teams …

That chick from Luxembourg is gorgeous.
There is a Danish athlete who is the dead spit of the blonde ditzy girl from The Vicar of Dibley.
The British team looked like MI5 staff.
The New Zealanders looked like the KGB.
The Mongolians all had dead animals on their heads except their flagbearer who wore a green shiny skirt and a fabulous Chinese-type jacket with black frog closures.
The Americans were uncharacteristically restrained, except they all had different coloured hats, which perturbed me.
The Germans, (the Germans!) looked fantastic in green, white and orange. (I know that sounds as if they couldn’t possibly have, but they did!)
The four members of the Senegalese team wore jeans and blue anoraks, except for the woman who wore trackie daks.
The Ethiopian flag bearer was divine looking.
The Italians, all in silver, looked like an invading intergalactic army.

Then, wonderful flag waving and tossing, some medieval music, and then, inexplicably, (we should have turned the commentary on here for we became hopelessly lost) a Renaissance-cum-Baroque garden party. This was followed by a futuristic ballet that I can’t even begin to explain. Anyone?

I knitted happily, thinking of all you folk casting on for the Knitting Olympics and I silently wished Team Australia (and Team Chocolate) lots of luck.


Today was Son #1’s birthday celebration.
A barbecue lunch for five of his friends and their families, and a chance for us to show off the new house to some of our city buddies. It was great fun. Good company, great wine, lovely food, beautiful weather, children’s laughter, chocolate mud cake with twelve candles. (The first time we have had to light the whole set from the packet.)

I grabbed the camera to snap him blowing out the candles, only to find Son #2 has filled the memory card with photographs of sunrises and morning mist over the river. It is spectacular most mornings I must admit, but really!

morning mist

Son #1’s birth story will appear on Tuesday.
Yes, our Valentine Baby.


Bec of the Ladies Lounge said...

1. Simone de Beauvoir's Babies? I loved that show, also Brides of Christ, also Drop the Dead Donkey. I think you should stop now before I get all stalky on your echidna-ignoring arse.
2. I reckon it's an "orbit of astronauts"
3. Does anyone know if the New Zealanders actually manage to beat us at stuff in the winter Olympics? Seeing as how a) they actually have real alps and real snow and b) they send the KGB...

yadza to No1 son!

Sarah Louise said...

I totally agree on the Italian's coats. My sister and I couldn't agree on what color...is it shiny brown, or silver, or...and they're Italian! Aren't they supposed to be REALLY GOOD at Fashion and stuff? I didn't start watching until Poland came on, so I'll have to watch the tape Babelb taped for me (I so need to learn how to use my VCR!!). I thought the guys on the strings making the shape of a dove (it didn't even really look like a dove) was the stupidest thing ever!! And what were they wearing? Plastic bags?

New Olympic news: Emily Hughes is in, Michelle Kwan bowed out!! Woo hoo!!

blackbird said...

You're lucky you put the sound down...it was all disco music when the athletes entered!

I wish I had thought to do running commentary on the uniforms --
that would have been brilliant.

As it was, we tuned in just as couples in cow printed outfits were waltzing and large wooden cows were being dragged around.
Not very inspiring I'm afraid.

I'm just glad it's not my job to figure out the opeing ceremonies!

blackbird said...

Oh my!

Happiest of days to #1.

BabelBabe said...

happy bday, #1.

and now i need to watch the tape i made for SL so i can see the terrific looking germans and intergalactic armies.

i can't find the Simple Things blog - i deleted the URL and googling it does not return anything remotely close. i can't even remember now much about it - except her post about the neighbor lady getting donuts and the paper dressed in her nightgown...

shellyC said...

What a great idea to turn the commentary down for the Opening Ceremony!!! I watched it in bursts and have to agree with you...I loved the German outfits!! I really think helmets would have topped the Aussie outfits!!

Barb said...

Meringue? I thought the Alps dresses were wonderfully creative! That was one of my favorite things, along with the sun and moon balloons. Funny, I enjoy the commentary and finding out the ideas behind the production, etc. I love the commentary at the ice skating competitions. I love hearing about the athlete's lives. I blogged about the ceremonies too. But I always love the ceremonies.

Joke said...

It is a well-known fact the Italians are WAAAAAAY ahead of the fashion curve, and the aluminized garb is clearly a warning to us all that, oh, say, on or about 2009 we are all going to be wearing that silverized uniform thing like the Sci-Fi films have been predicting for epochs.


PS SL...you can DL your VCR's manual.

telfair said...

I really liked the Alps dresses, too...
Missed the Aussie entrance, though.
I also thought the Italian team's silver jackets were v. strange, but the Australian commentators LOVED them. (Good thing you had the sound off.)
Only other comment would be -- that ballet guy freaked me out when he took off his first costume and just had on the leotard with the heart & veins on it, and the red Mohawk. It gave me bad dreams.

Elizabeth said...

I was a good thing you had the sound turned down. There was very bad music going on, and you missed some maniacal laughing during the Baroque feast bit. But I did like the white bobble-heads that turned into a giant snowflake.
The German outfits were nice - except for the baseball caps. I can't abide baseball caps.

Di said...

My dad's birthday is Valentine's day too.
very amusing you're getting so blase about the echidna... :)

Kim said...

OH how I've missed you. For some reason a raft of your posts didn't load on my browser for days and days and it just added to my current modus operandi of bereftness.

I was on a "cross trainer" in the Cardio Theatre watching the opening ceremony and also had the sound off. I got all emotional with the dove of peace and those amazing acrobats.

Again, the bereftness.