2 February 2006

Thursday Snippets

The children have started at their new school. Like their old one, it is a public state (government) school that has a mainstream, and a Steiner stream. Although at this one, even the mainstream is Reggio Emilio inspired, and includes yoga, meditation and philosophy. The school has a huge vegetable garden and chooks and ducks. Apparently this afternoon Son #1 and three other children will be running the weekly after-school vegie stall, where one can buy eggs and fresh produce.


Every day I am delighted with our new lifestyle.*
While obviously I still do suburban housewifey things like wash clothes and cook dinner, I get to spy on parrots when hanging out the laundry and gaze at a spectacular view while stirring dinner.

And this morning as we pulled out of our driveway to go to school, I nearly hit a kangaroo. A huge great whopping grey beast. It bounded lazily along the road in front of us for about 50 metres with me following slowly behind, before soaring effortlessly over a fence and heading off into the bush.

Now, we are used to seeing roos in the countryside, at the zoo, at Healesville Sanctuary, at Anglesea Golf Club, and so on, but not in our own STREET! Oh the excitement. Oh the shrieks.

What a way to start the day. A tad different from the traffic snarls and truck fumes of our previous school route.

*The number of spiders delights me less. Also the size of ‘em.


In other news, I have been churning out more of these.

Yes, the flannels/washcloths. Despite my mother’s bemused cries of What would you want to knit a flannel for? Don’t you know you can buy a pack of three at Target for 99c? I found a supplier of delicious natural homemade soaps which will go nicely with the flannels for little gifts. One will be winging its way across the ocean quite soon, in fact.

More Anjuli Jacket progress.

All in garter stitch.
Perfect television knitting.

And look!
Funky shoes found yesterday at the op shop. Ten dollars.


--erica said...

What a wonderful world.
I have to ask though, showing my ignorance, what is a chook? Is this something I should know?

I love the idea of a school garden a veggie stall. wow.

--erica said...

chook...cluck cluck!

Kat said...

Are you using any particular yarn for these washcloths? Or would any old cotton do?

Lazy cow said...

Gorgeous purple wool. And those shoes are lovely, I tried a similar style in black and floral Camper (on sale) but those are even nicer.

Kim said...

I have no idea what an Anjuli Jacket is, but I love the colour and the stitching. Looks like you could be ensconced in it with a sense of all being right in the world.

I am intrigued by the Steiner school in a Govt school concept - oh for a progressive education system...

Although, Oscar has had such a wondrous start to being in a mainstream class, my heart is swelling with joy daily.

telfair said...

You're a beautiful knitter. I'm just beginning, so everything I knit looks a bit...well, frumpy.

And your son's school sounds simply amazing. Really!! I wish we had more schools like that, EVERYWHERE!

blackbird said...

wonderful shoes!

am v jealous...

of all of it acutally, not just hte shoes.

Gina E. said...

You'll soon get used to the roos, Suse. We get them as far in as Eltham sometimes. Ken nearly hit one at the top of our street last year early one morning. You haven't mentioned koalas yet - they are (or used to be) fairly prolific in Warrandyte. We have had one or two in our back yard, and when I asked the Shire ranger about them, he said there is a 'path' from Warrandyte through to Eltham that koalas traverse, as their favourite trees grow along the way. He warned us not to make it too public when we saw the koalas in our trees, as some sick people will shoot at them with pea rifles just for fun. So I just took photos of ours while he was visiting, and he moved on a day or two later.

Elizabeth said...

I am totally enamoured with your lifestyle too - minus the spiders. You are very lucky to have gov't run Steiner school programs. All the Waldorf schools here are private, ka-ching.

la vie en rose said...

a kangaroo! really! how cool!

and girl, those shoes look really comfy.

SueeeuS said...

ohhhhhhhh! ahhhhhhh. That's all I can say. :) So pretty, that natural wool and the checkered pattern.

Somebody recently told me that house cats keep the spider population down. Some greyhounds are known to keep the cat population down, though.

dani said...

your life sounds too good! too good. and those shoes are awesome! how much are you selling the flannels and soap gifty's for? and my mum would say excatly the same thing as your mum.

thegoodgeeks said...

Your life sounds equally idyllic to mine.

Would you like to trade links? :)

telfair said...

Are you still using Rowan cotton denim yarn for your flannels?

Also, can you recommend a good knitting supply shop in the city or surrounds?

sooz said...

Hey Suse, do you know where there is a list of Steiner hosting state schools? Are there any near Brunswick? Are you out Warrandyte way? Your photos look like you are further into the bush than that :-) Geckos keep the spiders down, but gee not sure where you can get geckos out here. And yeah, those shoes are an absolute ripper!

Suse said...


-a chook is a chicken!
-I think any good quality all-cotton yarn would do. I was using Rown's Cotton Denim but it was rather pricey. Now I use Bendigo Woollen Mills 8ply cotton.
-have seen koalas down by the river, but not at our own place.
-a gift pack of one soap and one flannel is AU$25.00 Orders welcome. Leave me a note with your email address and we can do business!
-a wool shop, um. Lincraft and Spotlight franchises have okay supplies. Sunspun in Camberwell is divine (and priced to match) with designer yarns such as Jo Sharp and Rowan. Di at Clementine's Shoes just told me today about Wool Baa in Albert Park. There's also a shop in the North Essendon shops (on the western side of Mt Alexander Rd) whose name escapes me.
-sooz, there are Steiner/Mainstream schools all over Victoria, in addition to the private ones. Including a new one in Thornbury I believe. Go to
and you'll get a list.
-goodgeek, I'm coming to check you out!

That's all folks. (phew)

Kim said...

but what's an anjuli jacket???

Suse said...


see: http://www.ozeyarn.com/category120_1.htm
but I'm doing it in all purple, not coloured stripes, cos I just can't follow a pattern I have to fiddle/alter/adapt/be belligerent.

Now GO TO BED. It's late.

Di said...

You're right- it is past my bed time.. but so entertaining to read about your life in the hills..

jenny said...

Your sons' school sounds wonderful...a veggie stall and garden? wow.

And when I read "A huge great whopping beast"? I heard it in my head as very Crocodile Hunterish, all big-excited eyes and exaggerated manner. heh.

BabelBabe said...

i love the purply wool, great color.

and cool shoes.

kangaroos always make me think of the alien race in The Sparrow now. Since that's sort of how they arre described.

SueeeuS said...

I can't resist. This is supposedly from "The Washington Post's Mensa Invitational... take
any word from the dictionary, alter it by adding, subtracting, or changing one letter, and supply a new definition... ...from the 2005 winners"

16. Arachnoleptic fit (n.): The frantic dance performed just after you've accidentally walked through a spider web.

Sharon said...

Suse - Do you know about Marta's Yarns over in East Malvern - near the race course??? That shop brings me to my knees every time I visit there - and I don't knit!!!!! She also has a splinter of a shop in Elizabeth street in Melbourne - just off the corner of Flinders street... There is also shop- not sure of its name - in Whitehorse road in Mont Albert that apparently has the best wools too...

Anonymous said...

Our LYS is the Wool Baa www.woolbaa.com and they have a large stock of quality yarns. The best thing is they are open every Sunday - think they close at 6pm.

eclair said...

I've made a list of all these yarn shops for my next visit to the in-laws in Melbourne. Thanks guys!

Lack of spiders is one the the reasons we chose NZ over Oz - I remember the ones we had in Sydney when I was little! How big are yours?