27 February 2006

weekend in 5

I frequently get blogger's block.
The brain dries up, I freeze at the keyboard, and think to myself
Nup. Nothing to report. Boring.

But a list, a list!
Always gets me going.
The challenge of being succinct (something I struggle with, being afflicted with verbal diarrhoea 'n all. On the page that is. I can be tongue-tied with the best of 'em face to face).

Kath asks for five things I did on the weekend.

1. Baked orange and poppyseed muffins.
2. Had 11 children and 9 adults here for a barbecue lunch/birthday celebration for the seven year old.
3. Bought packets of sweetpea seeds for each child instead of party bags.
4. Laughed out loud at the dog as he sprinted in enormous ever-widening arcs around the park, tongue lolling and eyes wild (his, not mine).
5. Planted Euphorbia wulfenii seedlings after Saturday's rain while the soil was soft and fragrant.

Word for the day: tilth


BabelBabe said...

great word - very feudal : )

jorth said...

Wasn't the storm amazing! (our leaking roof... not so amazing)

lk said...

I seem to remember you have a german shorthair pointer (I do too) or at least your dog reminds me of mine, so I have this vision of my big old guy loping wildly around a park, or careening crazily, or whatever you call the sort of cross between a locomotive and nutball a german shorthair pointer can be....

SueeeuS said...

1. some of my faves
2. oh how nice
3. more of my faves
4. sigh oh wistful me. How I love to watch a happy dog run. Missing my hounds.
5. sounds euphoric

Even your boring stuff isn't boring.

Kim said...

ooo, I like the five things I did on the weekend concept. I'm going to steal it so I can write about something a little less... bleak.

Lazy cow said...

I love that the children you know would be happy with sweetpea seeds instead of party bags. Mine are already too mercenary...

BabelBabe said...

I ran across the word "tilth" last night in Left Hand of Darkness. I was so pleased, you'd have thought I invented the word myself or something!

Bec of the Ladies Lounge said...

I'm with lazy cow. I tried giving away girlie jewellery instead of lolly bags last year and am fairly certain it got my daughter cut off at least four birthday party invitation lists. The LOOKS on the little monsters' faces when I told them there were no lolly bags!

Bec of the Ladies Lounge said...

ps - and this was NICE jewellery too, not just plastic bits!

Jerry & Maxy said...

Hi, I am from the Pearl Buck Swing Jacket KAL. Your blog is lovely - such a sweet place to visit - your nudie chef son sounds quite clever! And so is the spinner son!

A pressing question, since I live on an alpine prairie in Colorado, USA, is the mob at the end of the road dangerous? Or a nuisance?

And my 2 doggie babies sound quite similiar :).

Suse said...

LK - he's a greyhound! And daft as a brush.

Ah lazy cow and Bec, these are Waldorf children. Give 'em a stick and a hank of wool and they're happy.

Jerry, or Maxy? The mob are beautiful. Certainly not a nuisance. They would be dangerous if you tried to mess with them I suppose, but mostly they are watchful and wary, and if you move too suddenly or ring a bicycle bell (ahem) the head roo gives the signal and they all take off in graceful leaps and bounds. We are very privileged to live in such close proximity to amazing wildlife. And thanks for your complimentary comment!

Jane said...

Whereas I see the word 'list' and think, oh no, what have I forgotten?

I once gave all Phoebe's friends a cheap torch to take home after a party (but I have to admit it was used for a treasure hunt in the dark before they left). They all loved them.

BabelBabe said...

suse - how do you LIVE without graham crackers? i am happy to open your eyes to their glories if you want. email me your address.

if you want to maintain total anonymity, i understand...but, woman! no oreos? no graham crackers? i am crying for you.

of course as andrea pointed out, you do have the tim-tams.

Dawn said...

thanks for the link, that site is too much!

Jerry & Maxy said...

Just brilliant. My close wildlife is a 40 head herd of horses...not nearly as cool as roos. Thank you for wild kingdom moment.