27 March 2006

a belated thank you

I have been very slack in showing off the wondrous goodies that the delicious Sueeeus (who has moved – go look at her glorious new blog and check out those exotic eyes) sent me for my birthday recently. The packaging was simply divine, and useful. Look.

gift packaging

Each gift was wrapped in beautiful blue and white fabric, that will go into the stash for my blue quilt (which I will make one day … cough).

Inside the little blue parcels were …


… the raspberry handbag spookily destined to go with the raspberry hat, (and it does, beautifully), a lovely rustic bread knife to match my rustic house, and a decidedly non-rustic purple (Sueeeus says it’s blue but it changed hues somewhere over the Pacific cos it is most definitely purple in this hemisphere) spatula that has fast become my favourite kitchen utensil. Heavy, double ended, and with a pleasing grip. And in the last fabric wrapped package, was a selection of quilting fabrics, in pinks and browns to go into the stash for my pink and brown quilt (which I will make one day … cough). I liked that little quirk though; fabric wrapped in fabric. Oh look I used a semi colon. How pretentious.

Anyway I am a lucky lucky person. Thank you again, my friend.

Oh yeah and see the little Quilting Girl and Knitting Girl tins? Filled with scrumptious mints that look suspiciously like ecstasy. Um, not that I know what ecstasy tablets look like, I’m just guessing that’s why the parcel took longer than expected to get through Customs and sent Sueeeus into a mild decline.

And it’s so long after my birthday now, that it’s time you all crashed the server at Sueeeus' new blog by all logging on at once to wish HER a happy birthday (for tomorrow).

And oh my giddy aunt I haven’t even assembled her birthday parcel yet, I’m such a slack friend.

This is a test. Thanks capello.


sueeeus said...

Hooray! It's such a pleasing feeling to see that one's items have indeed met their destination. Aren't those the cutest tins? I have been busy with family visiting (hooray!) and not blogging (boo hoo), but the good news is that very soon I will post about how my beautiful sister C (hooray!) has spoilt me (hooray!) with an early birthday gift (hooray!)! It's all so exciting. Hooray! I'm glad you like the gifts!! I had hoped they were your colors, but wasn't quite sure.

blackbird said...

those are wonderful treasures --
lucky duck!

Lazy cow said...

Beautiful blue fabric.
Is it really pretentious to use semi-colons? Oh dear.

Kat said...

Ooh! I bought those knitting mints last week!

String Bean said...

Ah, the terrifying semi-colon. Pretentious? I'd better stop using it then.

I have one of those chef'n double-ended spatulas. Aren't they the best?

Lucky you! Those are great gifts. I especially love the bag.

Bec of the Ladies Lounge said...

What lovely gifts; you lucky girl!

(semi-colons don't scare me, but people I can't bluff about grammar do... please don't read my latest confessions blog until I've had a change to fix the dangling participle at the end.)

Have been to the lovely Sueeeus and said happy birthday, thanks for the tip.

Bec of the Ladies Lounge said...

See how nervous you've made me about the punctuation? typos everywhere...

capello said...

You are most certainly welcome!

(and those were some good goodies!)