5 March 2006

I was going to call this post 'Minestrone' but that would result in some frustrated Googlers

Gosh. That musing-out-loud elicited quite a response.
Believe me when I say I wasn’t asking for validation or fishing for compliments.
But also believe me when I drop pathetically to my knees and whimper humbly Thank you!

Glancing at the last post now I realise I neglected to add the asterisk to match the one about what I’m reading. Did you wonder what the heck I was on about? Gilead. Great book.

I think I misspelled 'humorous' too. I need a sub-editor. Bec?

Here, have a look at some colours.


Son #3 received this beautiful thick 16ply yarn and homemade needles for his birthday. See the gumnuts on the end of the needles? While we have a house full of knitting needles, this is the first pair he has owned.

In Steiner schools, the Prep children fingerknit, not graduating to needles until Class 1, which is where he is this year. Of course being a third child, Son #3 has been knitting properly for about six months now (clearly a child prodigy), on circular needles no less, making himself a hat in blues and greens. He has plans to turn these warm colours into a scarf. He likes to make a statement, that one.

Speaking of statements …

red glads

I came over all Dame Edna-ish.

PS. I will not be around tomorrow. I shall be in the hallowed halls of learning, immersing myself in Elizabethan history, then seeing Brokeback Mountain. Talk amongst yourselves.


SueeeuS said...

I love your ceiling, even if it harbors bats and spiders. Bats probably eat spiders. I know they eat mosquitos. Go bats!

I want to see Brokeback Mountain on the big screen but Mr. Gadget doesn't want to, and I don't have any time that I can go on my own. Poor poor pitiful me....

Bec of the Ladies Lounge said...

Were you going to call it minestrone because you're more of a noodler than a dabbler?

just wondering.

Humorous is correct, by the way.

Glad to see you post things at ridiculously early hours, too.

Enjoy Mr Shaxper and all.

telfair said...

Goodness. Can your son give me some pointers on circular needles?

They frighten me a bit. But not as much as the fistful of double-pointed ones do.

Enjoy your day in the halls of learning.

Suse said...

Sueeeus, let's go together!

Bec, cos Jane called me a minestrone blogger.

Telfair, circulars are easy, you just go round and round and round, all in plain stitch and it miraculously turns itself into stocking stitch. Unless, like a 7 year old, you forget which way you were going, and accidentally go the other way the next time you pick it up and then some interesting patterns emerge.

shellyC said...

How cool are those knitting needles!!! I must show my wood-working father in law these...they are great!!!

Kim said...

There's a story about Gilead. She wrote her first book, Housekeeping, in 1980 and a mentor of hers told her to go away and read a bit more widely to strengthen and broaden her writing ability. So 24 (or something close to that) years later, she comes out with her second novel. I have Housekeeping but have yet to really get into it. The concept of finding time to read when I could otherwise be sleeping, exercising or working is very challenging at this point in my life.

All I need is for Felix to add knitting to his repertoire (chess being the current obsession - at 5) before I feel completely inept.

Beth said...

Hello - I've been lurking for a while and just love your blog. Your "what am I" post really touched a chord - you perfectly articulated how I've been feeling. I'm just beginning my life as a blogger, learning how to navigate the waters.

Not sure if this is the right place to ask - but I didn't see you're email...do you have any trouble with blogger being very slow? I'm having a terrible time loading pictures. I have a cable modem which is usually pretty fast - so I'm not sure if it's my computer, or blogger. I'm so new at this, just really don't know what I'm doing. Do you have any tricks for loading pictures?

Bec of the Ladies Lounge said...

Come back! I need to know whether Brokeback Mountain is worth the big screen and no one else I know has made the effort to see it yet.

(Word verif says 'qnfufku', which sounds quite improper)