20 March 2006

She's baaaaack ... and she's sunburnt

I’m going to do a kimbofo here and say …

Where in the world am I?

Prize to the first correct guess.
Hint: it’s not Barbados, or Ibiza, or Fiji. Or even Port Douglas.
Think a little more low-rent, and local.



beach sunny1

beach brave


Kim said...

Lorne? Anglesea?

You missed us!?! Your absence has been very very felt.

Anonymous said...

anglesea (aireys inlet lighthouse faintly in the background)

blackbird said...

I don't know my Australian coastal towns - but it looks wonderful...

Joke said...


You'll think (or worse, realize) I'm crazy...BUT...this bit of coast was featured on the Australian segment of The Endless Summer II.

Now I'll have to see it to play along.


P.S. It may be related to Nat Young's secret surf spot.

Jerry & Maxy said...

Whereever it was, it's lovely.

BabelBabe said...

if you tell us it's within an hour of your house, i will so die of envy. i relaxed just looking at those pics.

kimbofo said...

Hee, hee. I feel like I'm famous or something! ;)

I'm guessing Anglesea too.

How I love that stretch of coastline.

SueeeuS said...

Oh, so beautiful! Welcome back, we all have missed you!!

I've been thinking of you and your family and the other AU folks out there in the midst of cyclone Larry. Is it Larry? I hope all is well.

fiona said...

I was thinking Torquay or Anglesea, too... but I see I'm not the first! Hope you had a lovely time.

--erica said...

looks like heaven to me.