2 March 2006

spelling bee

Things driving me B.A.R.M.Y currently.

Bananas. How can a family of five go through so many bananas? I eat approximately one every two weeks, so it’s not me. Who has the potassium craving? I know, I know. Better they scavenge from the fruit bowl than raid the pantry* for lollies or biscuits I guess.

Animals. There is a small scratching sound in the wall between the laundry and the bathroom. Son #1 was in the bath last night and called out to us nervously I think the echidna has found a way in! Also, those small squeaking noises in the lounge room ceiling that I thought were geckoes? I suspect they’re tiny bats. The wee, adorable-looking [and protected] ones, but bats nonetheless.

Recipes. The drudgery of thinking up a family meal every night of the week. It’s been spaghetti bolognaise for the past two nights. I must lift my game tonight. I’m thinking green salad with Ten Minute Tortilla, followed by apple crumble with cream.

Marble track. The bane of my life. They build it, the marbles run through it and I invariably tread on a loose marble in bare feet, usually when carrying a hot beverage.** Then trying to collect the stray marbles from our brick floor is akin to herding cats.

Yes. As in Yes, Son #1?
Yes, Son #2?
Yes, Son #3?

I gave the boys a home day today, because Son #2 has a cold and headache and slight fever, and then Son #1 announced he has a sore throat, and there is no way I’m driving all the way to school just for one child. (Bad mother, bad mother). So now I pay the price as I am trying to work (with short breaks for blogging) and every three and a half minutes I am interrupted by plaintive calls of Mu-um! With two syllables. In the end I subdued them with the storytape of Michael Morpurgo reading ‘Robin of Sherwood’. Three hours of listening. Three hours of peace.

* Son #2 has been calling the pantry the larder lately. I must remind him Enid Blyton is not the only decent children’s author from the twentieth century.
**I love the word beverage. A peculiarly American term. Like vehicle. I enjoy the formality of these words. Australians [and the English?] would just say ‘hot drink’ and ‘car’.

Hey, wanna see my calendar?


Our calendar.
A pretty amateurish production, but endearingly so. And the profits went to a good cause.


My filofax.
Purchased this year in a feeble attempt to make me organised and feel … uh … hip. It isn’t working.

Can you believe Show and Tell moved to Thursdays because of a tv show? Me neither. But I do what I am told.



BabelBabe said...

I *stupidly* bought Primo this cool magnetic building set for Xmas, which, turns out, Seggie really likes, but it's got these marble-sized balls as the connectors. And the boys leave them EVERYWHERE. Which I can deal with except that 1) the cats play with them, on the hardwood floors. Very loud. and 2) soon enough Terzo will be crawling and will try to ingest one, and I am positive they are just windpipe-sized. Grrrr.

And in my house, everything in a mug (i.e. hot beverage - which is more of a Starbucks term, really) is referred to as "tea" by my boys. That's how much of a tea fiend I am. I could be guzzling straight vodka from a mug and the boys would be convinced it was just Mama's "tea."

Lazy cow said...

I was just reading the label of my Bundaberg ginger beer bottle to my 5 yo and it actually says "non-alchoholic beverage" (and it's proudly made in Australia). So there you go.
For some reason, I always picture your house as being an oasis of calm. That your 3 boys drift quietly from room to room knitting, reading, conversing in low tones, being ever-helpful and polite...

Lazy cow said...

Oh, and there's *nothing* wrong with spag bol! I try and make mine stretch over at least 2 nights (in various guises). What is 10 minute tortilla? Anything that takes 10 minutes to cook is of interest.

shellyC said...

It is true..we had Spag Bol over two nights this week too!!!! Second night was with some ghastly sausages!!! I too (and some of my friends) were just talking about the whole meal thing....what shall we have for dinner tonight??? Can't have pasta we had it last night etc etc etc. Could be after a long long hot summer we are all just waiting for some cool weather to start those yummy warm winter meals!! Meals where you don't care about having the oven on!!!!

jorth said...

Here's the answer to your prayers - www.dinnerdaily.blogspot.com (yes, yes, shameless plug!)

florizal said...

Snap! I have the very same filofax - good taste we have - cheers Belinda T.

Bec of the Ladies Lounge said...

I am so going to steal your idea and use my (aged) filofax as the calendar pic because I am sure that otherwise someone else will steal the free Michael Leunig calendar we are actually using (courtesy of fairfax, as opposed to filofax...)
and sympathies for the rest of it. am reassured now that even Waldorf children occasionally drive parents to Acknowledgement Anguish.

Bec of the Ladies Lounge said...

did you really make a greyhound calendar? deeply impressive.

blackbird said...

beecause of a tv show RE-CAP which is v important to my readers...

Youngest loved that marble track toy -
somehow it fell out of fashion for him (couldn't be me hiding it in the closet, could it?) and I am now spared.

When he was wee, he called them

Suse said...

Drift quietly? Conversing in low tones?

You lot crack me up.

Oh and Bec, no I didn't make the GAP calendar. The GAP people did. And we did have the Leunig calendar too but it got squished in the house-move. I particularly loved the 'Everything Has Moved (except the dog)' pic. I was going to copy it and send it to everyone as our new address notice. But in the end I did a mass email. Not quite as whimsical.

Melissa said...

My Filofax was nearly the death of me and the termination of my job. I could not get organized with that thing no matter how hard I tried. I pitched it in the bin after about a month.
Oh and as for the animal thing? We've got a small farm on the one side of our house. When we watch Lost, they run in the ceiling over my head. It's driving me crazy and even more so because my husband does not care.
"animals have to go somewhere in the winter" he says.....

SueeeuS said...

We have been having salade du boef (imagine if you will that this is spelled correctly, as I am relying on phonics here) quite a lot lately. A tossed green salad with sliced bits of steak. Or chicken. It's delicious and fast and we seldom grow weary of it, even if we have it 4 or 5 times a week.

Jeanne said...

Magnetix, those connector things Babelbabe's talking about. MAN, those things hurt when you step on 'em.

Kim said...


Come and play at "Eat Me" for dinner ideas. It's me trying to give something back to the world. On top of all my current mental instability of course.

I haven't posted our calendar because I just can't find the energy to photograph it. How pathetic is that?

Anonymous said...

I used to buy the Filofax for the same reason. Now it's David Allen's book "Getting Things Done" and 43folders.com