9 March 2006

thursday bits and pieces

Report on the last couple of days ...


How can computers be temperamental? I mean, they're machines. Why does a computer accept one's photographs happily one day and then the next just pout and refuse to even acknowledge that I'm ramming a camera cable into its nether regions? HELLO ... I DIDN'T DO ANYTHING DIFFERENT.

So, I had all these lovely photos to show you but it is not to be.

You will be devastated to learn that I cannot show you the various vases and old crockery purchased by my children at the op shop for the occasion of my birthday.

You will cry when I say that you cannot see the grass seed sprouting in a pathetic attempt to create a lawn here in the Australian semi-bush environment.

But you will be inconsolable when you hear that I cannot show you the goodies that arrived in the mail for me from my friend across the seas. Oh, I have been so spoilt! Thank you so much Sueeeus.


Today at 11.00 am, a Winnie the Pooh relay reading was held on the steps of the State Library of Victoria. Several well known Victorians, including William McInnes, Terry Bracks and Ron Barassi, to name an eclectic few, took turns in reading from A.A. Milne's classic. Local radio got in on the act and invited listeners to ring in and recite their favourite Pooh passage (oh go away now ...) or poem. I listened happily to Mary from Mornington reciting James James Morrison Morrison Wetherby George Dupree (took great care of his mother though he was only three) as I sped along the freeway.


Tonight the school had a Twilight Market. The inaugural market for what is hoped to become a once a term event.

I bit the bullet and collected a whole lot of craft stuff from a friend and my own stash and held a stall. My first market stall since the same friend and I used to sell our own creations, plus vintage clothes, at Camberwell Market, twenty years ago. Gulp! Gosh I sound old.

Anyway it was great fun, I sold several things and people made nice noises, Son #1 watched his friend busk on the didgeridoo and wondered whether next time he should join him on his violin, and Son #3 vomited violently over the woman on the stall next to mine. I also swapped one of my knitted flannels for a stripey knitted hat from the stripey knitted hats stall. Not that we need any more woolly hats in this household but the stallholder had spent all her money and really really wanted one of my flannels and I was so very very flattered that I couldn't refuse. And it will make a decent birthday gift for someone.

Again, no photographic evidence. I'll try again tomorrow to see if the computer's mood has improved.


Yesterday was International Women's Day.
Did you all go out and hug each other?
I honour the sisterhood every year by turning another year older and eating birthday cake purchased at the very last minute from the supermarket by my non-cake-baking husband.


If anyone is looking for my show and tell: your eye, I hereby direct them to this from the archives.


That is all.

Thank you.


blackbird said...

I luf your eye...
I love your flannel.

and you,
I lurve.

Gina E. said...

I didn't know there was an International Women's Day. Is there a Men's Day too? Now THAT I would celebrate..with a man. The way Nature intended it to be.

SueeeuS said...

Phew, I was getting nervous and having visions of the border patrol and customs seizing the package and questioning you re the unspecifically declared sharp weaponly contents and mysterious white pill like candies, though mints, which could be drugs in disguise. Yes, I was starting to worry.

BabelBabe said...


your hug, from me, one day late on Internat'l Women's Day.

I'll hug Gina when I see her next...

jorth said...

Happy birthday!

--erica said...

Happy happy birthday!!!!!

Sharon said...

They say that comps can smell fear... Ours has us bluffed.. I could embrace religion and work together in unity and peace for the world if I thought ours would behave... We take ours for a ride in the car now when it plays up... It loves it sitting strapped into the front passenger seat with the window down... You think I kid you... Oh how I wish I did... Our comp is on death's door at home we take it to our favorite fix it shop... They hook it up then look at us with a questioning expression - 'what's wrong?' they say... Well, what's right we reply... It seems to be working just fine, they utter... What about the noise that is deafening, the smokey screen, the non compliance, the... and so the list goes on... Hmmm... if anything could get me to question my sanity it is our PC...

Rexclick said...

Hello Suse
Since you like snow, you might want to have a look at my blog

We got tons of it here in Switzerland!
Céline the swiss vet.

wren said...

Birthday Greetings

Lazy cow said...

Happy birthday.
I, for one, am devastated that I can't see your op shop finds.

Lynne said...

Happy birthday for Wednesday!
Computers are cranky things. I try to do something, it doesn't work, I get DH to look at it as I do EXACTLY the same thing and bingo! It works!
Golly that peeves me!

Elizabeth said...

Was going to wish you a Happy Belated Birthday yesterday but Blogger wouldn't let me so I'm wishing you a Happy Belated Belated Birthday today. I see the pics are still not working - still want to see the pics. What else did you sell at your stall?

Sarah said...

hello - found you through spt...i love your blog. :) a lot.