3 March 2006

what am I? where am I?

I have been pondering just where I fit in, in the blogosphere.

Over on my left are the crafty blogs.
I read these and weep.
These clever women post beautifully styled photographs of their witty dolls, funky aprons, adorable knitted garments, ever so sweet toys and a gazillion homemade bags/scarves/embroideries, and even in one frightening case, homemade shoes.
They also complete a craft project per day, it seems.

I cannot hope to join in.
I do sew. I also knit. I have the fabrics for a quilt. Not to mention the book which contains the quilt I will one day construct (with my own quirky, nonconformist, individual touches of course).
But these women make me feel utterly, hopelessly, inadequate.

Over on my write (hahahahaha I’m sooo hilarious), are the literary blogs.
I read these and weep also.
These clever women (and the odd bloke) post about how they work in libraries, stop at other libraries and several bookshops on their way home and collect six or seven tomes, which they read overnight and then blog about, in between cooking dinner, checking the offsprings’ homework and breastfeeding the baby. They are always up on the goss regarding the latest plagiarism scandal, who one should and shouldn’t read, and who is reminiscent of whom. Or is that who?

I cannot hope to join in.
I do read. I read books,* articles, journals, essays, the newspaper, magazines.
Why, I even started my own wildly successful bookgroup two years ago.
But I cannot complete a book per day, while also running a home, holding down a part time job, studying, caring for three children, and attempting to keep up with the crafty people (see above).

Then there are the exquisite-to-look-at photography and arty blogs on neither my left or right but floating around in the ether because they are artistic and thus cannot be compartmentalised.
I don’t even bother weeping when I read these blogs as I cannot draw, paint or sculpt to save my life. Also I’m too busy trying to keep up with my craft (see above) and reading (see above) to learn still life drawing/calligraphy/photography/pastels. AND THEN BLOG ABOUT IT.

There are, of course, myriad other blogs.
Parenting blogs, bitchy blogs, humourous blogs, novel-writing blogs, blogs shared with friends, philosophical blogs, foodie blogs.
Each one so defined, so sure of itself.

I am not so sure of myself.
I have always written, read, knitted, sewed, baked. Bitched.
But I couldn’t possibly have a blog devoted to only one of these pursuits. I envy these blog owners their singlemindedness.

But I am just not like that.
So …do I fit in? Probably not.
I am a dabbler.

But a happy dabbler, I think.

Gilead by Marilynne Robinson. Highly recommended.

Here are Son #2’s latest photographs.

His dog.
Front and back.
The child cracks me up.




Jane said...

I've always thought you encapsulated your blogging identity in the name of your blog. I like the idea that you offer a soup of the day, so I see you as one of the illustrious group of 'minestrone bloggers'.

I rue the day I chose my blog's name, as I am bothered that people come for knitting. It didn't take me long to realise that I enjoy writing about quite a few subjects (all the same as yours) and simply can't knit enough to justify being a real yarn storm.

So I think you have a delightful menu and love coming to see what speciality of the day is chalked up on your metaphorical blackboard.

shellyC said...

Oh darling you DO fit in under all those titles!!! I love your blog for that bit of everything you offer!!!!

PS. Word Verification "hrlralf"...i thought it quite funny especially as i taking "The study of Language" at the moment and we are focusing on the sounds that words contain.

blackbird said...

I am here - in the hinterland, with you.

Helen said...

I'm a dabbler too and that why I think that even though I Dont' always comment , yours is one of the ones I enjoy the most when I get time to check blogs :)

lee said...

as an old (or long-time if you are being kind) dabbler, let me stop lurking and tell you how much I love your blog. please don't stop, or concentrate on one thing, but keep on doin' what you're doin'. and I love Jane's blog too!

SueeeuS said...

I like the minestrone idea. Your blog is a slice of life blog, and that is the most refreshing of all. The first thing I do in the morning is check your blog before I leave for work. Don't stop!!

p.s. You have an impressive following too. :)

--erica said...

I thought I was alone--and I didn't fit it. For all the exact reasons that you have said.
[thus my name.."bits and pieces"]

But you have WIT. :)

Elizabeth said...

We all dabble, don't we? I started because of knitting blogs, but one can't knit ALL the time and so I make it up as I go along. I don't usually show much of my artwork because it feels like a plea for compliments or something. The cooking fits in where it fits in. You shouldn't feel inadequate at all. We wouldn't come if we didn't like what we see.

BabelBabe said...

i consider myself a Renaissance blogger : ) jack of all trades, master of none - you get the idea.

and i adore your blog, and its bits of all sorts of things. although after your kumara-red lentil soup? more soup recipes, pls!

and i also (i think this was last post --oops) imagined your house as sunny and peaceful with quiet children...i have to have something to hang onto, Suse!

Ayelet said...

I can't believe you wrote that today - I just spent the last few days trying to think about how to write the exact same thing. My first blogiversary is at the end of this month and I was trying to think if my blog partner and I should change direction or just keep at it. Then I wasn't sure IF I can change direction. Just like you, I have no idea how to keep up with those crafty people, and even if I did, I'd probably get bored of whatever direction I'd chose.
So maybe we should both stay as we are - I know I love your blog, and I always look forward to your updates :)

Just be you!

capello said...

Mah. I don't fit in either. But I'm okay with that. It makes me *me*.

And it makes you *you* too.

Joke said...

Well, while you have all struck up this misfit lovefest, I am the odd bloke.


Kim said...

That is one long dog.

And Suse, you are Pea Soup, and that is all that matters to all of us who come here and feel all the better for it.

Kim said...

Well trust Blackbird to put it perfectly.

A hinterland blogger.

Jeanne said...

"Encylopedic" may be a more comforting description. Or "encyclopaedic," if you prefer. As someone once said (I forget who) of Michelangelo, "When one is interested in everything, distractions come easily."

Jeanne said...

PS, the dog's nose is utterly hilarious.

Sharon said...

Pea soup -Can I join your blogging circle - dabbling sounds just what I do...

jess said...

I much prefer dabbling and not being tied down to any one subject - I think I'd get bored that way. Also, love the dog photos.

Carol said...

I don't even have a blog and I feel just the same as you. Not sure where I belong etc. I enjoy your blog a lot. You seem so honest a real.

Alice said...

I've had many a laugh reading your blog - so I think you are a 'cheerer-upper', and surely that is most sorely needed in today's society. So, I think you fit in perfectly.

Mine started out as a 'gardening blog' but even I get tired of gardening sometimes, yet I want to keep in touch with blog friends, so I add bits of anything or nothing, depending on what's happening at the time.

You don't have to fit into a category - you are unique - as we all are.

jorth said...

I think you're simply wonderful. Don't ever stop what you're doing. Please.

sooz said...

Ha ha ha, just like ayelet, I've been musing the same over the last few days. I've been thinking about being a diletant (and yes I know that isn't spelled right and no I'm not going to look it up in the dictionary), but I had this mental block that if I can't even spell it how can I write a whole blog entry about it?! Thank goodness you have supplied me with the more easily spelt dabbler.

Keep it up babe, we're all of us scared and confused just a scratch below the surface. The only difference is we're prepared to let other people see that it isn't always neat and simple in our lives. Love your work, whatever it may be.

Lynne said...

Pea Soup has all sorts of things in it, just like your blog. You have many parts to your life, not just knitting. Thanks for sharing them with us. Sometimes all of us get a bit odd and feel intimidated by the people who seem to have perfect lives and have perfect crafty or artistic leanings, but even the best of them have their moments too.
You keep doing what you want to do and what suits you and yours best. We keep coming back, don't we? :-)

dani said...

i love your blog! and perhaps i can't put you in a sub group or categorise you - but that's OK - there are so many roles people wnat us to play in life anyway, isn't it nice being a bit of everything in this blogosphere - aren't you finding that freedom refreshing?

String Bean said...

I love your blog! There's nothing wrong with dabbling - I do it, too, although I may not post as often about the other things I do (cook, brew beer, garden, paint, family-participation, etc...). Be proud of your dabbling. As my mom would say "You're a well-rounded person!"

wren said...

Love you just the way you are.

Debbie said...

Love the front of the dog picture!

yaya said...

I feel exactly the same way - where do I fit in this lnd of bloggers - then I thought, you know it's just great to be here. I love your blog and will continue to enjoy reading it, Yasmin

Barb said...

I'm a dabbler also. I have a crafty blog and a book blog. I only post to the bookish one maybe once a month. I try to post daily on the craft blog, but I post book photos, shopping ideas, etc to fill in the gap of all my unfinished projects. I can't hope to compete with those who finish four bags in one day when I make one in several weeks. Mine are good quality though--me and my seam ripper, boy, we're like 'this'.

herhimnbryn said...

Just do what you do! It's great. I know just what you mean though. My blog has become a mixture of craft, recipies and things that I just have to write about. But hey, I like it and am still amazed that people are kind enough to read it!
Your blog is about you and your interests and passions. BLOG ON GIRL! BLOG ON!

doubleknot said...

My blog started as a crochet blog but things change and I am glad I added something about life and a little bit of everything to the title - have to look at my own blog to remember. I enjoy reading your blog. Keep up what you can and don't mind those who finish a project a day - I don't I just get done what I can when I can.

Anonymous said...

Front and back dog. Rofl.
I just landed here from somewhere; now I have to go read some more.

Jerry & Maxy said...

Must you, me, we define our blogging selves? Think of the gift you give your readers everytime you post...a glimpse into a rich, loving life.

And how I adore your sons & their dog :).

bcinfrance said...

As long as you're having fun, what's the problem? I know what you mean by being bowled over by certain blogs, though. Yours interests me because it covers a lot of ground...

The Rich Gypsy said...

Was wondering this same thing today too (a few weeks, I notice, after you wondered the same thing) ... because I don't really fit into any category either. But all categories too.


So I'll go with the 'minestrone' from the next post. Minestrone soup is me. A dabbler is me. Just me is me. And that's ok.

Christabel said...

Again, resonance but much later than everyone else.

Continue to dabble, minestrone girl.

alice c said...

Oh! That's me! That's me too!