13 April 2006

Corners of my home: kitchen window


Hmmm, it’s hard to photograph a window. This is my kitchen window, just above the sink.

The tile is handmade and features the feet of Son #3 when he was about two. My parents’ next door neighbour is a ceramic artist; she made the tile and pressed the painted feet of the rather bemused child onto it. I used to use it as a trivet to protect our beautiful wooden counters at the old house, but here it lives on the windowsill, the better to appreciate its charms.

The wee Japanese bowl came from an op shop a few months ago. I couldn’t resist that duck egg blue shade. It cost a whopping 50c.

And the tiny painting of a fairy seahorse (complete with wings) was a souvenir from our Easter holiday in Sydney exactly two years ago. Purchased at the famous Paddington Markets.

The kitchen in our old house was blue and white, a colour combination to which I have always been partial. Here the kitchen is a sort of ugly green, so my blues don’t go terribly well. However it has meant that my two green and pink Portmeirion teatowels get an airing, hanging on the oven next to a hot pink handtowel. So there are advantages.

I recently found out that aesthetically unpleasing laminate can be painted over. I am quietly plotting.

Corners of my home courtesy of Amanda. More corners of homes here.


--erica said...

I am very partial to blue and white. and red and white. oh anything with WHITE.

love those feet!!

BabelBabe said...

My kitchen ideally would be blue and white. In reality, it's mustard yellow and grey. And what's this about painting laminate??? Do tell...

Bec of the Ladies Lounge said...

Any chance of another holiday in Sydney, Suse? There are so many lovely markets here!

You know what? you can paint over ugly tiles too - and wallpaper!!

Was so glad to see you back - we must talk with Angie about any way to simplify the pretty pictures so you can load us up faster.

(I've just failed the simplest word verification I've had all week)

String Bean said...

When my family lived in New York we put in a new cement driveway. On the side of the drive, by the porch, we pressed all of our hands, in a row, into the wet cement. I'm sure they're still there now; a little memento mori of days gone by.

capello said...

My sister-in-law painted her laminate (awful, horrifying colors in an awkward pattern) and I think it's holding up well.

Good news for you (and bad news for me when I have to look at her counters. Urgh) if you ever decide to go ahead on the painting.

Amy said...

Ah love the feet. Must do that for Bea soon (well, really for me, but her feet) before they get any bigger.

Love to see your "fall" easter decorations.

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

oh divine!