14 April 2006


I love the change of seasons.

fire fairy

We clear the nature table of its summery shells and beach related trinkets, and choose bits and pieces to reflect the new season. Leaves, seedpods and an autumn fire-fairy complement an old embroidered linen found at the op shop.


Son #3 made the Easter basket at school. See the seed pods? They come from a particular gum tree and are known as witches fingers. (I feel a eucalyptus post coming on. I’ve become obsessed with gum trees since moving here …)

easter tree

The eggs we have decorated over the years are hung carefully on a branch.


egg 2

The hot cross bun dough is rising in the kitchen as I type.

Happy Easter to you and yours.


Di said...

Hope you have a lovely easter.
Your post has brought back memories for me- when I was a kid we had an easter branch tree decorated with painted eggs. Each year we'd paint a couple more, and mum carefully dated them. It was lovely looking and the eggs we'd made each year.

My float said...

What beautiful memories you have created. In my house, those eggs would have been smashed to bits by now by the two year old who can somehow manage to get his hands on everything!

I will try this idea next year!

telfair said...

I've never seen a more beautiful egg tree...every egg is made more lovely by the amount of care and effort put into it by your children's hands.

It sounds like you and the Soup clan are preparing for a wonderful holiday weekend -- I hope you enjoy those hot cross buns (they sound delish.)

Happy Easter!

christina said...

Ahh, I am in awe of people who can make beautiful things like baskets and easter eggs and felt wall hangings and such. And I'm in awe that for easter it's autumn where you are--I'd love to experience that for a year or two.

kt said...

What wonderful, feeling colors in your photos today. Very rich.

My girlie says Easter is her favorite holiday. I think she loves the lack of stress--just the Easter Bunny and the decorationg of eggs, and the fun of finding them, and the smallish but sweet basket of goodies.

Oh, and the chocolate.

Happy Easter to all the Soups.

blackbird said...

...and to you and yours.

MsCellania said...

Wonderful! We need to have a Nature Table.

I love your Blog.

Happy Easter!

String Bean said...

Happy Easter.

I'm looking forward to that Eucalyptus post.

jess said...

You've made me unexpectedly nostalgic for our egg trees. Yours is gorgeous. I hadn't thought about them in years, I wonder if my mom still has all the eggs we decorated.

Joke said...

As an Iberic, the egg tree is a revelation! Yours is the best I have ever seen (and, so far, the only one).

What's the 1st photo of?

Have a glorious Easter!


BabelBabe said...

could have sworn i commented earlier but blogger SUCKS.

I love the eggs, really lovely.
And that basket...

Happy Easter!

Barb said...

My God that egg tree! That basket! They learn that in school? Here you have to pay big money at a garden shop for a class. And it still wouldn't look that amazing.

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

Wonderful!! Happiest Easter to you and yours!!

Elizabeth said...

Your son did an amazing job with the basket!
Missing my egg tree after seeing yours. Mine is in storage. We did decorate eggs; I have the hot wax burn to prove it!
Happy Easter to the Soup clan.

Suse said...

Joke, the first photo is a fire fairy, suspended over the nature table. She hangs on a thread attached to a stick and wafts about in the breeze.

(In spring/summer we have a butterfly and in winter a shimmery crystal).

Susie Sunshine said...

I love how nature is a main ingredient in all your holidays.

Your family egg tree is the lovelies Easter decoration I've ever seen.

Lazy cow said...

I've borrowed "The nature corner" from the library to try and emulate some of your gorgeous seasonal tableaux. This will probably happen around the year 2010. In the meantime, I'll just enjoy yours.
(I ate 3 fresh hot cross buns in a row too. They made my stomach ache; all that yeast).

Gina E. said...

Dammit! How did I miss that doiley? Great autumn colours - what a charming idea to have a display to celebrate each new season.

daintee said...

this post was just so aesthetically pleasing ...