19 April 2006

The Great Chocolate Biscuit Adventure

Jane and I have indulged in a wee online chocolate biscuit Taste Off. Jane was recently singing the praises of a particular English biscuit on her blog and I foolishly claimed that the great Australian icon, the Tim Tam, could NEVER be beaten.

The challenge was taken up and Exhibit No. 1 arrived in the post yesterday afternoon.
Marks and Spencers’ Extremely Chocolatey Biscuits.

choc taste off1

I managed to hold three small boys off for about … oooh, thirty seconds while I performed bloggy duties.

choc taste off2

There were two flavours included in the parcel; the common garden chocolate variety (which is anything but common or garden) and the orange special. I nibbled on the orange version and thought to myself, hmmm, pretty darn good, but sorry, Tim Tams still take the cake.

Then I tried the other kind (the ones with the holes, up there in the picture).

Oh my heavens!

I am a convert. You win.
Pity I live on the other side of the world from a Marks & Sparks.

Jane generously included three extra sweet treats of British award-winning organic chocolate


… (love the name Space Hopper), and …

book & card

… a beautiful blue and chocolate brown Denyse Schmidt quilt card. Wrapped in gorgeous colour coordinated paper was a Persephone book, which I am greatly looking forward to getting my teeth into. After I’ve brushed the chocolate off my teeth, of course.

Thanks so much Jane. That was fun as well as delicious.
I hope your Tim Tams arrive soon.


wren said...

We are having an M & S chocolate biscuits taste fest to-day. I've inherited a plate very like yours, mine has open pink flowers. I shall serve the biscuits on the plate and think of bloggy friends as I take my first bite.

telfair said...

I'm a huge fan of the Tim Tam and will miss them hugely when we return to the US.

However, those chocolate biscuits that your friend sent look absolutely divine.

Lazy cow said...

Hate Tim Tams, I'm a Jaffa cake girl. Those M & S biscuits do look good though...

BabelBabe said...

are those orangutan flavored chox? how interesting. : )

Jane said...

I am delighted you are so graceful in defeat...

However, I haven't tasted a Tim Tam yet, so it's not over until the fat lady sings.

kimbofo said...

I am a self-confessed biscuit fiend - and Tim Tams win hands down. Especially the double-choc ones.

String Bean said...

What a great gift! The DS sample is gorgeous.