28 April 2006

I got the blues real bad

Thank you so much for all the book recommendations for Son #1. I’ve made a list and can now head for the library, all confident like. I’ll post the list so anyone interested (Lazy Cow said she was) can copy it. Cos I’m community-minded too.

Remember the green post last week?
Here’s a blue post. I have a weakness for sky blue, particularly paired with chocolate brown. All pictures taken yesterday.

(My blog renovation was inspired by a knitting swatch I did recently of cranberry coloured yarn on pale duck egg blue needles. I was so taken with the colour combination that I mentally filed it away for future quilting projects, but was inspired to make a more immediate change in my virtual life.)

blue dragonfly
Ooh, slightly out of focus, I see. Although the plastic lizard below it is beautifully sharp. Let’s pretend I meant that.
Glass and metal dragonfly on a spoke, given to me by my mother when she visited at Christmas. She also gave us a yellow butterfly. They’re in my herb beds.

blue basic uniform
Yesterday’s ensemble. I warned you I only have one basic outfit these days, didn’t I? I just substituted the long sleeve pink tee for a blue one. I’m so unoriginal.

blue sky
The glorious blue of the autumnal sky.
It’s been like this all week but ends tomorrow apparently.

blue book
Latest discovery at the local secondhand bookshop.

blue doll
Wittily posed in front of my collection of Russian literature (from the days of my first undergraduate degree).

blue wild iris
A late bloom on the dietes.

blue tupperware
Vintage tupperware found at the op shop yesterday. One dollar each!

blue hat
Son #3’s hat in progress. He is knitting it on circular needles, but as you can see every now and then he forgets which side is the right side, turns it inside out and knits stoically onward. It makes it more interesting, Mummy. You have to love the attitude of a seven year old.

blue painting
Son #2’s underwater study. Painted one morning last week before school when he accidentally got up an hour early and then found he had masses of free time instead of the usual rushed few minutes before being bundled out the door.

blue hills
Blue mist and hills. 7.14 am, 27th April, 2006.
Sorry I keep posting shots of this view. I can’t help myself. I wonder when the novelty will wear off?

I am enjoying colour coordinated posting.
Tomorrow, pink?!


blackbird said...


pink, though, would be tough for me.

lisette said...

wow - he's a great knitter! the hat looks fabulous - a real work of art. keep posting view photos :) we're starved of views here in the inner north!

love your new colours too - a very sophisticated combination (sophiticated in a nice, elegant sense, not a snotty one!)

Jerry & Maxy said...

I love blue!

And I look forward to pink.

kt said...

Please NEVER stop posting that view. It is so refreshing to see hills and mist....

And your blues are splendid in their variety.

jojo* said...

Sheesh, you are so good with that camera. I love the view of the mist and hills too...breathtaking.

shellyC said...

I love all bright colours but am in love with certain light blues!!!

Can't wait for pink tomorrow...another favourite!!

My float said...

how gorgeous is that view? sigh. just stunning.

sueeeus said...

The hat *is* more interesting, the painting is exquisite, and the view is divine.

MsCellania said...


Mind if I make a cuppa tea and just scroll through a while?

I love that your son knits. My 5 yo wants to start, so we will begin this fall. I imagine he will make rectangles of varying lengths, just like his mama.

--erica said...

I love blue too!!!

don't show showing the view.. amazing!

Laura A. said...

I am loving the view. Please keep posting pictures. I don't think the novelty will wear off. It looks very different from Minnesota, USA.

I hope it doesn't get old for you, either.

I would never have thought to turn the hat inside out and keep going, but I kind of like the idea. Hmmm....

herhimnbryn said...

The novelty will never wear off! I have been in Oz 5 yrs now, and cannot imagine living anywhere else! The bush, scenery, blue, blue, blue acres of sky sooth my soul everyday.
Love yr son's hat. Creative genius there I am thinking.

BabelBabe said...

the novelty will never wear off, it's just too gorgeous.

i found some more books for yu, i think. will email or post.

Sarah Louise said...

Pink, would be a great choice, says the proprieter of Pink Sneakers N'at. I approve. And no, don't think that vista will ever get old. You can post it every day and I'll say "O" every time I see it.

Loved the blues. Esp. the dragonfly.

Kim said...

beautiful. As always. So restorative for my soul.

lindsey said...

lovely blue tupperware. what a find..

jess said...

Love the last picture. I doubt it will ever really wear off.

dani said...

those hills are stunning! and love the tupperware too.

String Bean said...

I love the hat!

When will the novelty wear off? Never, I hope!