30 April 2006

The Promised Pink Post

Show us ya pink bits! yelled someone from a building site a few years ago.

So, for your edification, here they are.

pink slippers
This shot is for Telfair who is currently knitting a pair of socks from this yarn. This slipper pattern is wonderful; it can be made into babies’ bootees, or children’s or adults slippers. We each have a pair in this household.

pink dilly bag & bones
A little dilly bag found in an op shop last year for one dollar. I use it to carry my digital camera and spare batteries about with me.

See the bones outside the window? Big ‘roo bones found last weekend at the National Park at the end of the road. There was also a skull in the collection but it was too manky to touch so we left it there. Son #2 carried the rest home and has firm intentions of building a dinosaur.

pink dilly bag
Here it is close up. I’m a sucker for tiny florals.

pink cushion & chaise
Tapestry cushion on the pink chaise. It is here that I recline while Mr Soup feeds me peeled grapes and fans my weary brow. Ha.

pink candle
By a happy coincidence, the candle on our dining table currently is pink! Usually it’s bog standard white paraffin. Beeswax if we’re feeling decadent. This month it’s pink for some reason. I see the table needs a wipe.

pink brooch
Close up of my favourite brooch. Someone asked about it during Show and Tell, so here it is. Purchased at the Arts Centre Sunday Market, sorry I’m on limited time and not linking (just posting a gazillion photos … hmmm)

pink kangaroo paw
Dwarf kangaroo paw. I bought three of these over a month ago and haven’t yet found the right place to plant them.

pink sky
The view.
Sunset two nights ago.
Because I can’t help myself.


lisette said...

that kangaroo paw looks like some exotic tulip! and w has a pair of nappy pants knitted in that very same wool - very serviceable and washes well. which pattern did you use for the slippers?

My float said...

I think I asked about the brooch. It's gorgeous. In fact, loving all your things, they're so pretty. Sigh, they'd last two minutes in this ramshackle of a place I live in.

And love the sunset shot, as always. Keep on not being able to help yourself!

blackbird said...

Ack to the bones...
boys do pick up some interesting things.
But I do very much like the brooch.

telfair said...

Very lovely pinks, Miss Suse!

Thanks for the "shout-out" on the yarn, by displaying your slippers. I love them, with that yarn! If you send Lisette the pattern, would you mind terribly .ccing me as well?

See, now, I thought the bones were tremendously interesting. I zoomed in on the picture to make sure they were, indeed, bones, and then I scrolled down and read the verification. I thought you might be carrying them around in your bag and using them for something mysterious, like Divination.
Reconstructing a kangaroo skeleton is likely more educational, though. :}

laurie said...

love your blog. found it thru blackbird. those are the perfect slippers that i have been looking for! i wish i had the pattern today, i would start them!! please do share with us the info......thanks. and yes that brooch is a real find!

Sarah Louise said...

Love. love. love. love. love. the broach. Oh, it makes my heart go pit a pat.

And the bones...I'm looking at this lovely bag you're describing, thinking, "it looks brown, in this light," thinking the sidewalk looks a lovely brick pink (I always thought of "red brick" but often older ones get pinkish) and then there are these things on the sidewalk...I was glad you told us they were #2's starter dinosaur kit. In Pittsburgh we hold dinosaurs in high esteem: we have the most dinosaur bones in museum captivity in the world.

And the view: we will never tire of pictures of the view. So we thank you (I don't know who the others are in the "we" but I know I am speaking for a collective.)

Thank you. And "Show us ya pink bits!" ... I might borrow that, if I may.

Oh, and in college I visited a thrift store called the Opera-tunity shop. I like op shop much better than thrift shop (what we call them in the US.) I might borrow that too.

And yes, I had been noticing that the vw's were blissfully short, but I think the Internet heard you, because mine is now at least 10 letters long...

but I'll just look at your view again and all will be well.

Miss Eagle said...

Love your pink bits, Suse.

Cate said...

Please do share the slipper pattern or source -- they look perfect. And I love your view and give you permission to post as many pictures of it as you like.

carol said...

The slippers are just what I am looking for. Please do share the pattern. Love the bones out back - its just the thing my boys would do. By the way to add to your book list, my 12 yo son loved the Hitchikers Guide to The Galaxy series and Eldest and Eragon - both by Christopher Paolini.

MsCellania said...

I love the Pinks! The Kangaroo paw is a thing of loveliness. I can see why it found it's way to your house, and also why it's still not planted!

Ah, dem bones. I am starting to have to frisk the children after our walks. It's usually rocks, but I have found some other barely identifiables lately.

The brooch is pretty! I'm entering a brooch phase again, so I definitely perked up with that photo.

But the view? That I needed to see today. Please keep being unable to stop yourself.

--erica said...

perfectly pink!!!

Jerry & Maxy said...

Ahhhh pink. Perfectly pretty. I, too, love tiny florals :).

Where might I find that slipper pattern? Cozy looking!

Wonderful brooch.

BabelBabe said...

damn - i meant to include some pretty fabric in your package and i forgot.

dig the bones (no pun intended...) and the dilly bag.

i think even bbird could handle these levels of pink...

Jenni said...

I thought it was about time I stopped lurking and posted a comment!! I must visit you're blog most days!! Just wanted to say that I think those slippers are great and would also love to know what pattern you used.

Alice said...

I've been looking for a pair of slippers that are "just "right" for my liitle boy, since his feet grew too large for his Robeez fur-lined booties. These look perfect. I, too, would love to know what the pattern is!

Spiderlady said...

I love when I get to travel to different Countries even if it is just though photos. Thank you for sharing the view...sometimes it just doesn't seem fair...when I look out over my neighbors yard...but I figure I can always look up!!!!

Elizabeth said...

I have on a pink shirt now a lot like the small print one of the bag but with gold thread shot through it.
Love the roo bones and son's idea to build a dinosaur. A few years ago we did a dinosaur making party. You have to eat a lot of roast chicken to prepare, saving them up for weeks and then bury the pieces in the backyard ( at an official roped off archeological site) and the boys then "find" them and piece and glue together their beasts. Kinda fun.