20 April 2006

Ten random, footloose and fancy free

Snitched from the topographer.

1. Laksa for lunch. Followed by a cup of English Breakfast and one of the tiny eggs the children didn’t find on Easter Sunday (see Monday confessions post). Delish.

2. Drop off a bundle of papers at work and while I am in the old neighbourhood, ring my best friend and invite myself over for tea and sticky bun.

3. Two Golden Ashes and a Claret Ash on our school route, wearing their glorious autumn best.

4. Listening to Bach cello suites on Son #1’s iPod while he’s at school. (Told you he was a 12-year old classical music nerd).

5. Coming home and sniffing the delectable aroma of woodsmoke in the house.

6. Planting two poas and a sedge in the garden. I adore native grasses.

7. Loving the quote from someone somewhere that child-rearing is like knitting without a pattern, with unknown yarn, and without swatching first. I wish I’d said that.

8. Mice like chocolate. Better than they like RatSak.

9. Reading A Gardener’s Guide to Eucalypts.

10. Thinking I’d better take Son #2 for an x-ray tomorrow. He hurt his wrist skateboarding (or more accurately, falling off his skateboard) the day before yesterday and despite stern and serious bandaging, arnica and comfrey, it’s not improving. A bad sprain perhaps? If they tell me it’s broken I will have to commit hari-kari with all the bad mother guilt. (This one not so fancy free).

Your turn. Ten random, footloose and fancy free.


blackbird said...

I let a broken hand go for several days --
it's just that he never complains!

our winter is over and I am happy to see spring, but when I read about your woodsmoke I want autumn all over again.

Sharon said...

LOL Pea & blackbird I am glad I am not the only one... Daughter #2 when she was about 8 fell over messing around with her friends... It was a late summer evening... She said her leg hurt a little bit.. But she could still walk - limping, but, hey. that's walking -in a fashion... We went to bed and she woke me in the early hours of the morning saying that she couldn't even bear the bed sheet touching her leg... Yep, you guessed it - she had broken it!!!!! A week before school started for the year too... You know how there always seems to be one child that returns from the holidays sporting a plaster cast... E managed to do it two years running!!!!!

Kim said...

Hey - how weird is that - you do a ten thing and I did a ten thing. A bit different. but both ten. snap!

--erica said...

I let a broken wrist go for days too.. son #3.. 18 months old! He was a little cranky when he'd fall down.. but then it turned yellow.

yes. I still have guilt.

Surfing Free said...

Sticky buns and tea .. yummy. What part of town is your friend in ;)
Good luck with the wrist - I hope its just a sprain - less guilt, less fuss.

Bec of the Ladies Lounge said...

I'm on the good kharma side of the broken wrist phenomenon. I came home from work to find Pea Princess curled up under a blanket on the lounge, sleeping at 6pm and, when she woke, telling me her arm really hurt but daddy said it couldn't be broken because her fingers still moved.

Unfortunately for daddy, who's never had a broken arm, mummy grew up riding horses and had seven broken arms before she finally quite at age 15: I know for a fact you can still move your fingers while your cracked, chipped or snapped bones grind painfully up to your elbows. Mummy also knows exactly what sort of funny lump a greenstick fracture makes!

But if it makes you feel any better, I knew it was broken and didn't take her to the doctor til the next morning because it was a Friday night and there was No Way I was sitting with her for four hours in a pre-weekend casualty waiting room