27 May 2006

break schmeak

Random nostalgia.

Or 'Odd things I am pining for lately ...'

• my heritage apple trees, sadly left behind at the old house. I had Abbas, a heritage Australian variety; Cox's Orange Pippin, the justly very-famous olde English apple; Stayman's Winesap, an American vintage apple; and my personal favourite due entirely to the romanticism of the name rather than the qualities of the fruit, Peasgoods Nonsuch. Only the English could name an apple Peasgoods Nonsuch, don't you agree?

• the old John Hannah Rebus. The new show isn't the same. I miss John Hannah in the title role and almost as importantly, I miss the grittiness of Edinburgh. The latest incarnation seems to focus on the city's stately homes rather than its grim and brooding back lanes. I miss the dirt. Oh, and you, John.*

• continuing with the television theme (I don't actually watch much, contrary to what you may think). Coupling. I was kind of in love with Jeff the wacky Welsh guy. And Susan's right breast.** Come to think of it, it may just be the Welsh accent (Jeff's, not Susan's breast's. Duh.) So I could just rent Notting Hill and listen to Hugh Grant's flatmate for a Welsh fix. (The first part of my double-barrelled surname is Welsh, so I kid myself I could talk like Jeff and Hugh Grant's flatmate if I concentrated really really hard. And had two glasses of wine. And brandished a leek about my head. After all, I do a mean Indian accent complete with head wobble and I don't have a skerrick of Indian in me except for several years that my paternal grandmother lived there doing the memsahib thing while my father was sent to the Welsh relatives in boarding school hols.) (I'm rambling. You lot still with me?)

• being able to walk to the shops for milk. Or to the library. Or to a cafe. Or to the train station. Or to rent a DVD. Here I'm in the car for everything. {Although I mustn't grumble. The kangaroos I often spot on the way make up for it. The wildlife encountered on my aforementioned footslogs to the local shops usually featured possums [roadkill], feral pigeons [germ-laden. What is that awful disease pigeons carry? Candida? Cystitis? Bird flu? Chlamydia?], inner-city cats [mangy] and dogs [vicious and/or slobbery].)

• summer. Nuff said.

* Hello to the President of the John Hannah Appreciation Society who appears every time I mention John Hannah in a post. Hello! Welcome back!
** She flashed it in the bar one night and all who saw it became obsessed.


kimbofo said...

This is where I get to name check: I saw Jeff, the wacky Welsh guy, from "Coupling" a few weeks ago drinking in a pub off Tottenham Court Road in central London. I walked right past them, then had to do a double-take. He is pretty cute in the flesh!

blackbird said...

It's almost as if you've written in another language.
I am ignorant of just about every single thing in this post...

Bec of the Ladies Lounge said...

... and conversely, I agree with just about every single thing! Nice to know the world still has room for some cultural oddities like our shared obsession for John Hanna!!

(and nice to have you back here, too).

Megan said...

Hello, I'm random commenter lady. You are so making me homesick for Edinburgh - I lived there 3 years and my heart still does.

The stuff you make is beautiful. Glad I blog surfed over here.

Joke said...

I'm mostly with bb on this one, but, I still loved it.

And rabid squabs with venereal diseases would have me driving an armo[u]red car.


Anonymous said...

You could also hire the children's programme "Sali Mali" - it is narrated by Rhys Ifans from Notting Hill - very nice to hear while the kids are watching!!!

Ash said...

You'll have to start watching a series called 'Mayo'. It has a Welsh accented guy called 'Kite' who is exceptionally doofus.

I wasn't aware the new Rebus didn't have John Hannah. That sucks!

We just finished watching the final series of Coupling. I too miss Jane's right breast ;)

MsCellania said...

Even your stuff that makes no sense to me is great to read.

HA! vw is "shxtysys" Sheer ectasies, after all.

profbookwurmknits said...

john hannah....
i wish i had his voice on tape
he is lovely
i agree with your post- missing lots of lovely past treasures
thanks for the memories

sereknitty72 said...

I love those shows too. I hate that we here in the states have to wait so long to get the cool british shows. Have you seen Green Wing? I'm almost scared to suggest it because its alsmost offensive in its funniness. but I laughed my ass off....

herhimnbryn said...

Oh my~! what a great post!
Am in the UK at the end of a holiday. Still it's not the right time for Russet apples ( which I miss so much in Oz). But I have sat down and eated a Bramley apple ( core and all). If you are English you will know that a Bramley is for cooking, it is so sharp. But can't get them in WA and Grannies are not the same!
John Hannah! Oh, I was so unhappy when I discovered JH no longer played Rebus, turned it off in disgust.
Have just had 3 days in Wales ( part posted on blog) and I too love the accent and Jeff!!
Will stop ranting now.

--erica said...

I love your 'break'.
keep it up.


Denzylle said...

Hi, I don't know if you're referring to me when you say President of the JH Appreciation Club, as I have only commented once previously.

However, I hope it's me and not someone else, as I'm the moderator of the first and biggest Yahoo JHAC Group, and the only one that is active and not spammed out of existence.

And I do read and enjoy your posts even when you *don't* mention the bhoy. I'm in London, btw.

Daisy said...

I want to set sail and come visit with you right away!

We moved to a more rural abode as well last year, so I empathize with the trade-off between being able to walk to shops and cafes and parks, vs. having to drive, but getting to be so much closer to nature.

mmmm...shepherd's pie. The bread looks lovely!

I share your love for John Hannah. Did you see Sliding Doors? I quite like Gwyneth as well. Haven't seen Rebus - we swore off cable awhile
ago, and I miss BBC America the most. I'll have to check Netflix for it. ***It's there, I've added it, hurray!**

Coupling - I miss that show! We watched it on BBC when it first came to the states, then netflix'ed it again last year - it really was brilliant. I thought the heart went of it when Jeff left.

I'm enjoying your break very much, hope you are too!

Elizabeth said...

Funny thing. I just watched "The Breast Episode" recently when one tv station here started playing the series again from the beginning.
One thing I am worried about living in the country: the driving everywhere. I live fairly close to Everything right now.
It's 36'C here right now so we can spare oh, 10"C for that summer feeling for you, really we can.

BabelBabe said...

i LOVE John Hannah.

lisette said...

i agree with you re john hannah - he's a bit of a hottie BUT you know the current rebus is much more like the character in the books - he's supposed to be middle aged and craggy :)

Miss Eagle said...

Can I join the John Hannah appreciation society, too, please, huh? Except I didn't appreciate him in that Love Bug stuff. He's too good for that. I love him when he is angst ridden and moody and dark. O-o-o-oh!

Rita said...

I feel compelled to de-lurk to tell you that I actually work at St. Leonard's Police Station. I will confess to being a Rebus fan and felt ever so geeky when I got the job there. Yes, yes - I like JH too, but somehow have not yet managed to see the TV series - to my chagrin. But - I EAT IN THAT CANTEEN!

Suse said...

Thanks for de-lurking Rita. I am suitably jealous!