3 May 2006

Crime/mystery authors for young adults

Much bloggy business to catch up on. The book list, the slipper pattern, and also people requested the bomb recipe, which should bring me some curious visitors from Google. I'll post all these separately so people wishing to download don't get irrelevant stuff.

Here is the compiled list of everyone's suggestions for crime/mystery authors for young adults. Again, a big thank you to everyone!

Authors of crime and/or mystery stories suitable for young adults.

Marjorie Allingham
John Bellairs
Wilkie Collins
Nancy Farmer ‘House of the Scorpion’
Artemis Fowl
Dick Francis
Cornelia Funke
Kerry Greenwood (‘Phrynne Fisher’ series)
Charlie Higson (‘Silver Fin’)
Tony Hillerman
Anthony Horowitz
Laurie King (‘Holmes/Mary Russell’ series)
Donna Leon
Ngaio Marsh
Phillip Pullman
Ellery Queen
Dorothy L Sayers
Stephen Saylor
Georges Simenon (‘Maigret’)
Rex Stout
Josephine Tey
Arthur Upfield (‘Bony’ series)


Lazy cow said...

Thanks very much for the list. I haven't read half those authors so they will go on my reading list.

Paula said...

You and your son may like Alexander McCall Smith's The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency series it is delightful and enchanting. http://www.randomhouse.com/features/mccallsmith/books.html

String Bean said...

The only one of those authors I've read is Philip Pullman. Not that I'm illiterate. I just stuck to my fantasy.

Anonymous said...

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