31 May 2006

I wonder ...

if The Yank is still sniffing her spoon

when Mr Soup will be in remission again

whether Tim Tams have touched down in Canada yet

if people really believe the words "God is on our side" and so that justifies war, torture and murder

if an omnipotent god would actually take sides

where our small blue planet is heading

how much longer my beloved aunt will be around

what my children will be doing in twenty years' time

if I will ever finish the three unfinished craft projects that continue to haunt me

how long it will take to conquer the blackberries

if my friend will get her longed for second child

where I put the rose catalogue and gift voucher

if I have truly come to terms with the fact that a fourth baby is not going to happen

why on earth I started knitting a pair of socks when I haven't yet finished the throw rug, two jackets and a child's jumper, or written the essays

why I am so STUPID

how long it will take to erect a small 3 x 3m shed

what the heck I am going to feed them for dinner tonight.


sereknitty72 said...

Isn't that always the way it is? Some of the greater, more existential questions exist side by side with the mundane and every day questions on our list? Hang in there.

Jerry & Maxy said...

That's a lot to think about...I particularly hope Mr. Soup is OK.

And you're not stupid.

kt said...

Sending good karma to the Soup abode, in hopes that good health finds you all and that answers to the questions will be forthcoming.

You, dear lady, are NOT stupid. You may well be one of us in the stressed/overtaxed/forgetful/tired genus of humanoids, but stupid is not your adjective. So let's have no more of that!

Sarah Louise said...

No answers, just a hello. Hope Mr. Soup continues to recover.

Oh, and what she said. You are not stupid. You may do stupid things, but that does not make you stupid. (Which is exactly what Joke would say if he was here.)

telfair said...

If YOU are stupid, the rest of us have no hope for survival.

(That's hopefully a nice way of saying, you are SO NOT STUPID.)

I am also sending many, many good wishes to Mr. Soup...

lisette said...

never stupid - and sending many strengthenineg and healing vibes soupward

can yu thank your son for making that wonderful hat ? he was/is a major inspiration for w's carunaulted hat currently on the needles - hopefully to be finished tonight.

and never never stupid


lisette said...

sorry for the spelling mistakes in previous comment - tired plus a strong gin and tonic to get through the dinner horror stretch are to blame - as is not checking spelling before hitting the publish button

lisette said...

sigh - three in a row. i menat to add that when a was small he used to call 'stupid' the f word and it a banned word in our house

blackbird said...

Hugs to you and Mr...

I'll light a candle, perhaps it'll help show you the way.

--erica said...

What a weight on your shoulders. Sending hugs across the sea.

Elizabeth said...

The Tim Tam's did touch down today!
Thank you. Judging will commence when I can gather the clan later tonight.
I'm wondering, " When can I find time to blog!" ( Tomorrow hopefully)
Get well to Mr Soup.
And where oh where did the "stupid" comment come from? Banish that thought right now.

MsCellania said...

Hope Mr. Soup is well on his way back to better.

And soft hugs to you today.

K.T. said...

If I were near Mr Soup, well- I would make him some soup so he could recover more quickly. Thoughts and prayers... And the stupid thing- Pah-LEEZE. You are smart, quick, an uber-mother and very funny. Beautiful too. Be nice to my crush Pea Soup!

Hugs across the miles & time zones- The Other KT
(yes we are friends!)

jorth said...

HUGE big hugs going over to my very-not-stupid-friend.

Surfing Free said...

I emit snorts of derision whenever I hear people try to justify selfish, brutal, ignorant behaviour with religion. Take responsibility for your own meaness people! I'm not religious at all yet I do hate people trying to use religion as smoke and mirrors to distract from the real reasons for war - it could be oil, it could be power, but it certainly isn't so that you can teach people to be more loving and compassionate!

Anyway, whew .. any excuse to rant about war. I hope Mr Soup is fighting fit forever :)

dani said...

i hate hearing you or anyway else saying they're stupid. ouch!!

and what do you mean by mr soup being remission? is your husband so ill? i hope not. if you have mentioned this before i'm sorry but i have missed it.

Suse said...

Oh gosh I have panicked everyone. I'm so sorry. Mr Soup is indeed ill but it is not life threatening, just nasty and unpleasant. He has a condition that rears its ugly head for a few months every couple of years or so. Then he goes into remission and we forget all about it. I'm just wishing this bout would GO. Right NOW.

As for the stupid ... thank you all for your lovely words. Personally I think that when you have four knitting projects on the go already and a very busy couple of weeks, it is pretty stupid to cast on a fifth project (socks). Funny how I like to make extra work for myself at times like these.

You are all so wonderful. I am blessed!

(Word verif is fktmoi. Yep)

sueeeus said...

Oh dear, where have I been? Fret not, Sweet Pea! So many things on your mind... Big hugs from across the sea, and many warm thoughts as well, for you and for all.

I shall likely fail my wv. ygekbckg

BabelBabe said...

Thinking of you and Mr. Soup.

So not stupid, you.
Why am I talking like Yoda?

also, found TimTams here in the States, in a fancy-schmancy imported chocolate shop, but they are seven-fifty a package. US dollars. Which makes them like, what, 10 AUS dollars? They are good but not that good. So I had to console myself with Ritter Sport coconut chocolate bars.

I am wearing my shoes that look like yours, and they make me think of you and smile, btw.

katie said...

I like them all - but never tell yourself you are stupid - that simply won't do!
not at all - no!
good luck for the all of this. the rose catalogue will turn up the moment you stop looking for it

shellyC said...

Thought to you and your boys and Mr Soup. Look forward to seeing your finished projects...one day...don't hurry.

shellyC said...

I meant THOUGHTS!!!