3 May 2006

In which I attempt to provide a bomb recipe without attracting attention from the authorities

Here it is. The bomb recipe, due to popular demand.

Politically incorrect but oh so exciting for little boys. Photo documentation here.

The instructions.
Take a party popper (those plastic things that go bang and crinkly streamers fly out), and rip out the insides and re pack it with caps from cap-guns for aural interest, and add the gunpowder from another couple of party poppers. Scrape the coating off a few sparklers, which makes a grey powdery mess so make sure they do it outside or over newspaper. Then spike a sparkler through the whole thing. The picture here shows how it looks. That way they can light the sparkler and then stand well back. The flame gradually travels down to the party popper and ignites the bomb.

The rules.
Make sure the child is not holding the bomb, but has it wedged somewhere in a crack or between rocks, and of course DO IT OUTSIDE.
There must be a bucket of water nearby.
All children wear plastic safety goggles and have hair tied back, which adds a satisfying air of seriousness to the whole procedure.
We also have the rule that they must be 12 or over. The younger children watch from a safe distance.
Pets are put inside.
Adults supervise at all times of course.

It is pretty spectacular to watch especially if you light it after dark.

HAVE FUN. But be safe.


Jan said...

Oh my. Your Google hits are going to go through the roof on this one. lol
Sounds like a fun time at your place!

MsCellania said...

I will print out this and put it in the boys' future reading file. Along with your previous post.

It should come in handy about the time I'm looking for reading suggestions for bigger boys. 'And OH LOOK, a BOMB recipe!' Gosh won't I be the most popular mom in the group.

Bec of the Ladies Lounge said...

I'm with jan, all you need to do is go back and add an innocent note about spreading FERTILISER in the garden and you'll rate off the chart!

And have you solved the wheelchair mystery by yourself yet? It's an aural aide for visually impaired bloggers. I thought it would be a great cheat for those of us sighted bloggers who still struggle with the f'ing WV but the sound is shocking so it's still a challenge to the senses!

BabelBabe said...

has Osama been by yet?
Or John Ashcroft?

if you were coming to bethlehem, now they wouldn't let you in the country, suse.

Kim said...

Dude, you posted a bomb recipe on the web. Straight after one for knitted socks/booties. And followed by an ammendment to the size of knitting needles to use for baby booties.


We are all alert but not alarmed...


Obviously, you Steiner types are really quite enigmatic.

blackbird said...

All children wear plastic safety goggles and have hair tied back, which adds a satisfying air of seriousness to the whole procedure....

This is absolutely my favorite part of the recipe.

MsCellania said...

Oh, that bit about the goggles and hair tied back was priceless.

One of the reasons I quit drinking was lighting a barbeque grill (lp gas) wearing only biniki bottoms one year. The resulting explosion singed my bangs, eyebrow, eyelashes and oddly enough; the downy chest hairs and belly hairs that I didn't even known I sported! I was covered in ash after the explosion and didn't know why. The GF I was lighting the grill with suffered the same fate, but not so much as she was further away. Since then, I always make sure to wear a shirt when lighting a grill.

The silly thing is, I went back into the house LEAVING THE GAS FULL ON to get more matches. And got 2 more Gin and Tonics 'as long as I was up'. The explosion blew the drinks clean off the balcony. We were much more upset about the drinks going awol then the pesky loss of eyebrows.

So AMEN to the glasses and hair tied back.

Lazy cow said...

We're using those poppers for their original, innocent use at the moment.
I can see us graduating to this in a couple of years...

(Vickee, you are a riot. Were your, um, nipples OK?)

String Bean said...

I can see the authorities trying this one out for themselves. What fun!

Suse: the source for all your illegal pleasures.